Today's letter

Today's letter

Implement this slogan to save Earth


I would like to suggest the following slogan for the protection of our environment.
Minimize carbon emissions
Maximize tree plantations.

This slogan should be spread all over the world like a forest fire through the electronic and print media. It should not remain a slogan only; but should be implemented at once by all of us, globally. Then only well be able to save our most beloved Mother Earth and us and our many next generations will be able to survive happily.

Hansraj Bhat

Good step against sleeping babu's

This refers to the report, "A wake-up call for babus" (December 16, 2009). The proposed measures by the Central government to take punitive action on government officials who do not issue documents to the applicants within a stiupulated period will serve as a amajor step in curbing at least small scale curuptions. Delay tactics adopted by the officials is one of the major reasons which compel the fed up applicants for any documents ultimately succumb to the bribe racket.

Such regulatory and accountability measures should be extended to all departments and to all areas of the people's direct dealings with government officials. Even here care has to be taken to ensure that the babus who are involved in formulating the policy should not scuttle the proposal by including intriguing clauses.

K.K. Cherian

Double standards

It must be quite obvious that there are two sets of rules , one for developing countries and another  for developed countries the way the latter are shying away from commiting themselves to the Kyoto protocol (Fissure in climate deal draft widens-16/12/09)

For example two western states of US spew into atmosphere the carbon emission equivalent to whole of India and yet it has the temerity to ask other developing nations to bind themselves legally.

India has already demonstrated its voluntary commitment by reducing  the emissin by 17.6% while it is prepared to lower it by 25% while the western countries want to dictate without falling in line.

It just reminds the way US wants India as signatory for Nucleer Non-proliferation Treaty while they have stockpiled enormous nuclear arsenal.

H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana

India should Look East

I refer to the article Myanmar looks for inspiration from India by Deepak K.Upreti in todays issue.

Indo-Myanmar relations have always been friendly and the links are deeper with a common heritage through Buddhism. Press reports suggest that China has built a new pipeline to Myanmar.

It is surprising that China is taking such rapid strides over India and is consolidating itself with our neighbours from Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Srilanka to Pakistan. India should actively pursue its policy of Look East to foster relationships with Myanmar.

China maintains a close watch not only on its citizens but seizes every opportunity to build economic and defence ties. The once dominant Indian community has faded from the mainstream of Myanmar public. Indians are no more than memory in Myanmar today and our government has done nothing to improve upon this.
 India can extend its expertise in areas like industry, trade, English language skills, healthcare, railways and many related fields which would consolidate our relationship


Brightening the mood

In the advertisement of a noted detergent powder which is being telecast from the past many days, it is shown that the teacher has taken off from the school because her dog is dead.  In order to brighten up her mood one of her students who is a small boy of 5-6 year old, depicts himself as a dog so that she cheers up which she  does it finally.  The child when he behaves like a dog dirties his uniform and the message of the advertisement that even the stubborn stains can be removed with the use of the detergent is conveyed.

Should we say that dogs have more importance in our lives than humans and that humans are no better than dogs.  Should the child behave according to the whims and fancies of the teacher so that she forgets her agony?

Dr Ruqqia

Inculcating sense of responsibility

The former babu turned political PM Manmohan Singh attempts to inculcate a sense of responsibility and accountability while serving the public is a long awaited reformation in the bureaucratic set up.  Bureacurats have a keen interpretative mind on the age old "fundamental rules and Supplementary rules".  

Immediately after independence service before self began prevailing.  Post independence has seen that the politicfians holding the reins made "babus" as pawns in their hands.  To achieve their end means, a nexus among them was created making the 'public' as scapegoats.

The motivation both by a sense of duty and by the promise of a career became a committed sin with the connivance of political interference.

They have created rules and procedures to become ends in themseloves and for the hierarchical principles to result in too great a reliance on the use of authority.  Holding them accountable must be served with "powers" even to refuse political god fathers interference and directives.

The PM at the same time  also hold the ministers concerned  responsible for delays  etc.  Any bueaucracy reorganised to enhance efficiency is immediately indistinguishable from its predecessor.  Factually, if the PM's  idea can survive the bureaucratic review and be implemengted, it wans't worth doing.

A.S. Raj

What's going on here

Luxury goods and gold are selling like hot cakes, commodity prices are sky rocketing, shops and malls have heavy foot fall. Obviouly money is flowing like water. Finance minister raises alarm that countrfeit currency is rampent. Was the Finance Ministry in hyberntion all these months? Moody's rating agency says the Rupee is doing very well! Indeed.

Home Minister is apprehensive about Maoists grabbing Telangana. Kasab is in India's custody for over a year since 26/11.   We have made very little progres on our own.  Our Intelligence agencies blame America for not sharing intelligence about Hedley and concerned that  any plea bargaining by him may not be in India's interests. Oh, if only CIA had shared intelligence with us, 26/11 would not have happened.

Pakistan continues it's cold war game against India.  Obama administration is acting primarily in the interet of  America. India is secondary.  We can't fault them for it. Instead, India shouldd learn something from this.  Indian babus should read Chanakya's Artha Shastra,  again and again. There ia a limit to wishful thinking. New Delhi should wake up to reality.

Raj Gadasalli. PhD

Unique feat

All patriotic Indians remember the day 16/17th December 1971, when nearly one lakh Pakistani troops were made to surrender before the might of the combined operations in the then East Pakistan launched by the IAF, Navy and the Army. This unique feat, unparalleled in the modern day war history, was scored in virtually less than fifteen days; an achievement befitting the status of an Olympic gold medal.
Even the traditionally anti-Indian western bloc countries were stunned to find their stooge, well equipped with advanced weaponry, meekly succumbing to the might of the so-called inferior Indian military hardware.

Arun Malankar,

We can use it in a better way

This has reference to the news item Retired hurt: Historic Cricket ground in a state of neglect dated December 13, 2009.

The Said ground is in a central place in Bangalore, which can be converted into a cricketing hub in my opinion.

Our state has produced many cricket stalwarts like B S Chandrashekar, E A S Prasanna, Brijesh Patel, Sudhakar Rao,  G R Vishwanath, Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble, Robin Uthappa, Dodda Ganesh., Manish Pandey, Venkatesh Prasad

In the same place a Karnataka Cricket Academy may be started under the aegis  of KSCA and Bangalore University and Government of Karnataka. A full fledged Cricket School ay be started and utilize the Ground instead of turning it into a
pathetic state.  I hope the same may be used as a Cricket Coaching Centre
for young cricketers by the Senior Cricket players.

K N Badarinath

A thriller

INdia-SL first ODI was a thriller like a suspense novel. Surely Dhoni is very lucky and Team India as won the match in the last minute much to the delight of the Indian fans.What a Match!Kudos to Dilshan for his fantastic display and Sl are moral victors!

Shewag lit up the fire and lambasted SL bowling to hit up a century+ and Sachin paired with him to make a very good start.Dhoni then consolidated the innings and ultimately we posted an imposing and peraps an impossible total  of 414 runs in the first 50 overs.Many would have thought that SL batting should be a mere formality and India would win easily.

Tilakrathne Dilshan the dashing opener of SL thought differently and opened up from the word GO and replied in a very pacy manner.Dilshan spared none of the Indian bowlers. He blasted 160 runs like thunder and lightening and there was an absolute landing trouble for all the fielders.Dilshan was mostly playing on the skies.Luck was surely on the side of Dhoni and we won the match.But it would have been in the fitness of things to have made oth Shewag and Dilshan share the MOM award than granting it to Shewag alone.India might have won the match but Dilshan won the hearts!


Hats off to Sehwag

It is good to see M.S.Dhoni lose the toss, because the end result of the game is bound to be favourable to India !.This is exactly what happened in the first ODI against the Lankans at Rajkot. India might have ended up losing, if it  was to chase
400 and runs after deciding to bowl first. Any way it was a fantastic win as it went to the wire due to a courageous chase by the

Lankans who had come close to winning the game.Hats off to Virender Sehwag who was mainly responsible for India's victory !.

Bowlers frustrated

Sri Lanka deserved to win the first ODI against India for their spirited chase of 414 runs - they were stumbled by stunning fielding by Indians in the last eight balls dismissing three players for eight runs as well as winning the match by three runs.
 The high scoring ability both teams has furstrated the bowlers of both the teams. T20s has changed the batting method of ODIs. In future best fielding team which can convert half chance to an opportunity only can win the high socring ODIs and T20s.

K R Anandagopalan

Telangana on hold

This is with reference to Telangana on hold appearing in DH dated 15 DEC'09
The fall out of K Chandrasekhar Rao’s (KCR) demand for a separate State of Telangana has suddenly prompted smaller local regional parties to rake up similar issues in Vidharbha, Bodoland, Bundlekhand, Purvanchal, Harit Pradesh, Gorkhaland etc. Centre meek submission to KCR fast unto death has raised many eyebrows whether Jai Kisans of India (farmers) dying of starvation or by committing suicides due to inability to pay off debts have received humane consideration from the Centre.

Deepak Chikramane