I wonder... I grieve...

I wonder... I grieve...

They would sit on the window sills and the rooftop. It was their home.
This pigeon paradise was none other than. The Taj, situated in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai.

But a great and sad tragedy struck this amazing palace. On the night of twenty sixth Nov. 2008. There were bombings and gunshots and fire.

Many many people were killed and many more people’s life (lives) were shattered in this cruel and sad incident. The palace was badly damaged. But the old and sturdy structure did not give way and thank god for that.

Bombings and gunshot, acts of cruel and merciless terrorists, caused unspeakable miseries. All that caused something that is also very sad to happen.

And what was that? All the Pigeons, which gave the palace a bluish, greyish hue vanished. Many died, the rest flew away, never to return.

Now the building is repaired and everything is restored to original glory. But the birds?
I wonder whether the pigeons ever came back.... I wonder.... I wonder and I grieve.