There's a wonderful world out waiting for you!!

Make a pinhole camera, and you will have fun. You may be wondering what a pinhole camera is aren’t you? Well, its an unusual camera where your photoes get overlapped! Yes, you read it right your photoes get overlapped! You could conduct a competition on your birthday party to see who does the best pinhole camera or who does it first.
Here’s what you have to do.

Take a carboard box, preferably square or rectangle cut the box on one of its sides and in its place paste a sheet of tracing paper. Make a clear but a small hole on the opposite side. The pinhole box is ready! Face the hole towards the light source and you will see the inverted image on the paper!


This is your room keep it clean;
Slowly your house will be tidy.
Your state, country and continent
become clean respectively
Your world becomes clean too.
Jyotsna Shekar, VI, ‘D’ Sri Kumaran Children’s home-CBSE, Mallasandra, Bangalore.

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