The tiger I had longed to see.....


The tiger I had  longed to see.....

The moon above the misty hills
was clear that autumn night
the stars upon their velvet bed
were dazzling and bright
their radiance set my eyes ablaze
and made me wonder why
the blinding glare of the city lights
drowns out the darkening sky
treading over rustling leaves
I crept towards the trees,
The slightest sound I might have made
Was muffled by the breeze
I crouched beside a shallow stream
Behind a clump of leaves
Enthralled by all the wonders of
The magic nature weaves
At last I heard this rumbling roar
and saw him gliding past
The tiger I had longed to see
had shown himself at last!
Beneath the moonbeams pure and white,
His silken coat did gleam
With majesty and grace combined
He stood beside the stream
It happened I was not alone
Beside this beast so fair
For soon, a gunshot loud and sharp
Did echo through the air
The regal creature snarled in pain
and fell upon the soil
The ground beneath his dying form
was stained with blood so royal
I gasped in shock, ran forward in rage
Alas! I was too late
Truly did a feline king
Deserve this cruel fate?
I wondered, as they dragged away
His body limp and cold,
To whom his gold and ebony coat
Was destined to be sold.
And thus my memories of that night
Are marred by a pitiful death,
Another jewel of Indian jungles
Breathed his final breath

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