Road rage: Youth crushed under car

Road rage: Youth crushed under car

The incident took place on Tuesday when the victim Rashid Iqbal and his cousin Tanwar Zoheb had gone to the airport in a Santro car to receive a friend. Rashid was a resident of Jogeshwari suburb and ran a mobile shop at Borivili.

Zoheb, who was at the Santro’s wheel, overtook a Honda City car on the bridge near the departure section. This allegedly enraged the driver of the Honda City, who then raced ahead of the Santro car and blocked his way, police said. Iqbal then got down to talk to the Honda City’s driver.

An altercation followed, but another person in the back seat of the Honda City suddenly caught hold of Rashid’s collar and the driver revved up the car, dragging Iqbal to some distance.

Recounting the incident, Zoheb said he was driving the Santro and “overtook the Honda City but suddenly the other vehicle overtook and stopped in front my car, blocking the path.”

Rashid then got down and started protesting with the driver of the Honda City, in which there were at least two other youths. Then somebody grabbed Rashid’s collar and the car drove off at very high speed, dragging Rashid on the road. At a distance, Rashid was released, but his head hit the vehicle and his legs, too, were crushed under the rear wheels of the car.

The Honda City sped off towards the Western Express Highway.

With the help of some pedestrians, Zoheb put Rashid in his car and tried to take him to the nearest hospital.

However, two hospitals declined to admit an accident case and Rashid was finally taken to the Cooper Hospital at Juhu. He died of injuries around 12 noon.
The Sahar Airport police have registered a case.