Moments that tickled our funny bone

The World Cup isn’t just for the serious-minded though, as the potential for unintended gags are many.

 Even in this edition, off-the-field action provided many an incident to tickle the funny bone. 

n Miguel Herrera (Mexico coach):  Watching your wards from the touchline can be nervous business. If they fail, you get the sack tomorrow morning usually.  But Mexico’s Miguel Herrera took the touchline antics a touch too seriously as he became an internet sensation for his enthusiasm from the sidelines.
 How did he celebrate Mexico’s progression to knockouts? By jumping on top of one of his players! What made this story more endearing? A report emerged that Herrera was the least paid coach at the World Cup. 

n Locust on James Rodriguez’s arm: Surrounded by myriad TV cameras, what happens at the World Cup is known to the world, and more importantly, Twitter, within the next few seconds. 

As Colombia’s James Rodriguez was dispatching his penalty against Brazil, the cameras focused on Rodriguez’s arm... and spotted what looked like a green insect sitting on his shoulder. It became viral within minutes.  But to be fair to the locust, who wouldn’t want to get a taste of Rodriguez, football’s latest sensation.  n Water on Sabella’s face: Argentina’s Sabella has been a man of few words from the touchline but he has provided a few hilarious moments nonetheless. When Gonzalo Higuain struck the post against Belgium in the quarters, Sabella almost fell backwards before one of the staff caught him from falling down. Check it out on YouTube and spend the next few minutes laughing. 

In the match against Nigeria, with Sergio Aguero suffering, Ezequiel Lavezzi was being readied on the sidelines. Lavezzi, while listening to Sabella’s instructions, squirted water straight at his coach. Try this with your boss at your own peril. 

n Gary Lewin’s broken ankle: When you are celebrating a goal, you do not usually break some part of your anatomy. But that’s exactly what the England physio, Gary Lewin, did. While celebrating Daniel Sturridge’s equaliser against Italy, one thing led to another and the joyous play quickly turned nasty as Lewin was stretchered off with a broken ankle. 

The English, who are known for their sense of humour, did not have much to shout about but they surely would have seen the funny side of one of their own getting injured during a celebration. 

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