Where timing is everything

Where timing is everything

Mouraviev Konstantin from Germany calls himself the ‘Fat Man’ although he wears quite an emaciated look for a man well over 40 years.

   Why calling himself ‘Fat Man’? That’s his nickname and Mouraviev says the idea of a fat man struck him when he decided to club theatre and circus.

 Increasing instances of fat people resorting all kinds of methods to lose weight amused Mouraviev. He once saw a poster which highlighted how liposuction is a commonly sought to shed weight. He latched onto this idea and that's how he weaved the ‘Fat Man’ into his performance through circus acts.

During his recent performance in the City, Mouraviev’s act did well to trace the story of a fat man who struggles to lose weight.

During the act, Mouraviev depicts the man’s desperation to look lean. Mouraviev explains, “The idea is to combine theatre and humour with a rare act. This act requires a lot of time to practice and timing is everything.” Mouraviev adds, “And fat men always evoke laughter but in a sweet way.” 

Mouraviev did theatre right from his school days and his acting skills only got better when he went to college, “I was into acting and gymnastics as well. I decided to combine both when I decided to join the circus,” he shares.

 Adding that extra twist to his performance is the usage of the Rhoenrad Wheel which is extensively used in wheel gymnastics. “The act on the Rhoenrad Wheel is also one of the ways the fat man tries to lose weight,” he adds.

Rhoenrad Wheel, says Mouraviev, is a tough thing to handle. “Initially, my head would spin but I spent a lot of time practising and mastering the art of spinning in the wheel. The trick is to get comfortable with it and eventually play around with it to get the best act,” he states.

Mouraviev is 42 years  old and he’s been doing this act for as long as he can remember.

What keeps him going? “It’s my uncompromising attitude towards fitness and I always watch what I eat. Of course, a regular dose of energy drinks also keeps me going,” he wraps up.

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