Outraged parents storm school

Outraged parents storm school

Outraged parents storm school

Hundreds of parents gathered at Vibgyor High on Thursday seeking an explanation from the school management on the sexual attack on the six-year-old student and the safety measures in place.

They raised slogans against the management and broke glass doors while trying to barge into the premises. The parents assembled at the school by 9:30 am and were made to wait for nearly two hours before founder chairman Rustom Kerawalla turned up. When he was bombarded with questions, Kerawalla beat a hasty retreat.

Later, 12 parents went inside to meet the chairman and put forth 40 questions before him. They sought a response from the management as to why the girl was left alone and why she was taken into the dark room (gym room).

Parents sought to know what kind of background check was being done while recruiting staff members.

The chairman agreed to meet four of their demands immediately: To increase the number of security guards, including women guards; to stop allowing general public use the premises for various activities, including use of basketball court and swimming pool; to stop water tankers from entering the premises (the landlord who has leased the place for the school has been using the borewell to fill tankers); and to form a parents and teachers association.

Several parents, however, were not happy with the outcome of the meeting. They were still undecided over sending their wards to Vibgyor High.

Vandana Surana, one of the parents who attended the meeting, said Kerawalla was not assertive enough in addressing their concerns.

“I have a child studying in 10th grade and there is just a year left. I cannot think of changing school at this point of time. We want the school to make the changes that we have asked for and ensure safety of our children,” she said.

The parents have signed a note that they will not send their children to the school until the management addresses the issues raised by them. A protest march has been planned by the residents and parents on Saturday.
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