SSLC revaluation results show poor evaluation work

Last Updated 18 July 2014, 19:14 IST

 The Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) received as many as 5,075 SSLC answer scripts for revaluation, of which errors in evaluation were found in 4,803 scripts.

The quantum of errors were extremely high, leading to variations ranging from one mark to as high as 21 marks. 

In as many as 3,703 scripts, variations ranged from 1 to 5 marks after revaluation, while there was a change of 21 marks and above in 51 scripts. Scripts that saw variation ranging from 6 to 10 marks were to the tune of 726 and as many as 244 scripts saw change ranging from 11 to 15 marks, while in 79 scripts marks varied between 16 to 20.

The highest number of applications for revaluation came from the science stream with a total of 1,192 requests, which was followed by 816 for the second language paper. The least number of applications were for the first language paper at 3,333. 

According to Govinde Gowda, assistant director, KSEEB, the variation in marks after the revaluation process has resulted in one student securing 622 marks out of 625, the highest in the State. 

This has made the student one of the two toppers. Earlier, only one student had secured 622 marks. Other details about the student was not shared with Deccan Herald.

When asked if there were any other changes in rankings of toppers and pass percentage, Gowda said: “The number of failed students who have applied for revaluation is very less.

Mostly students who have secured above 70 per cent have applied for the revaluation so there is no question of a change in the overall pass percentage. As far as changes in rankings are concerned, the one student who secured 622 after the evaluation is the only significant change.” 

Gowda added that strict action will be taken against erring evaluators after verification of the marks in revaluated scripts. 

“There are various levels of penalties for the evaluators and action will be taken accordingly. Last year, there was a case where an evaluator had made the same kind of mistake in as many as 20 scripts and departmental enquiry was launched against the evaluator. We will initiate such actions if need be,” he said.        
   As many as 8 lakh students appeared for the SSLC exam this year and there were 48 lakh answer scripts that had to be evaluated. Over 65,000 evaluators were given the responsibility.

“There are so many students and answer scripts that there are bound to be some errors here and there. However the quantity of such errors is going down every year. We are also training teachers to help rectify their mistakes,” Gowda added. 

(Published 18 July 2014, 19:14 IST)

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