Kallara Santhe

Kallara Santhe

Kallara Santhe

Kallara Santhe is D Sumana Kittur’s second movie as a director. Her debut movie was Slum Bala where she narrated the life of a small-time rowdy. As for the first movie, she has chosen a script by her mentor Agni Sridhar for the second movie too. It is supposed to be a political satire. But it ends up as a jumble of unrealistic events.

There are references to mining lobby, politicians who have relations with film actresses, caste politics played by men in power etc. Certain dialogues and incidents do tickle the viewers.

The formula, if you call it so, is simple. Somu (Yash), who holds a PG degree in Kannada with a first rank, is a poor unsuccessful entrepreneur. His attempts to run a canteen fails because of an MLA. He takes the help of two police officers to teach a lesson to corrupt politicians.

In real life powerful lobbies find tough to dislodge a CM or ruling party but in the movie unemployed Somu packs of an elected government!

The hero, with all his ‘literary sensibility’ resorts to become a thief. He also gets the support of his girl friend Roopa (Haripriya).

The absurdity touches its nadir when chief minister (Rangayana Raghu) holds an emergency cabinet meeting to fulfill the wishes of Somu, a thief, who threatens to commit suicide by jumping from a building if his demands are not met.

The director or producer’s love for Kannada is oozing out all through the movie. An IT professional-cum-mother (Sudharani) says her daughter was cured of asthma once she learnt Kannada rhyme - Bannada Tagadina Tuttori...!

Yash and Haripriya make a good pair on the screen. Rangayana Raghu does justice to the role. Manohar’s music is refreshing. If you think time is precious, then you can afford to skip the movie.