Silent minority asks no question

Silent minority asks no question

78 MLAs have not raised a single question in Assembly

According to a report - “Review of Democracy and Performance of the Government of Karnataka” by a non-government organisation, Daksh, as many as 78 MLAs have never asked any question in the span of 46 days of session -- between June 2008 and February 2009. One legislator, however has raised more than 100 questions, the report revealed.

The organisation has analysed the performance of MLAs on the floor of the Assembly, reviewed administration’s policies and programmes and conducted a survey of citizens’ perceptions of important issues in the report which was released by Karnataka Lokayukta justice N Santosh Hegde on Friday.

As for attendance, only 12 MLAs have a 100 percent record. In fact, MLAs can disappear from the Assembly after recording attendance. There is no mechanism to check their participation in the proceedings. A survey of citizens’ perceptions on performance of MLAs has revealed that the average rating of MLAs by electors is just over 50 percent. People have given an average of 2.84 marks against 5 on the performance of their local legislator with regard to better supply of power, water, providing employment opportunities, job training, reservation for jobs and education and better educational facilities.

The survey was conducted in October - November 2009 and more than 8,000 people spread across 218 assembly constituencies were covered. The report has found major lapses in the State administration, especially in allocation of funds and law and order. “People have given very low marks to the Government as far as law and order is concerned. According to them the State has failed to maintain Law and order,” Harish Narasappa of Daksh told reporters.

The report identified nine achievements of the Government including starting CET counselling at Hubli and Gulbarga, the Janaspandana programme and enhancing allocation for elementary education.

How the MLAs have performed

78 MLAs never raised any question
One MLA has asked more than 100 questions
Only 12 MLAs have 100 per cent attendance
Only 30 statutes passed, none important
Voter rating of MLAs is just over 50 per cent
Huge gap between people’s expectations and legislators’ performance
How the voters view Govt’s performance
Failure in maintenance of Law and order
Poor internal accountability
Frequent transfers of officials affecting administration
Inadequate response to the flood-affected
Vision groups and task forces not functioning properly