Huge crowds throng theatres for 'Avatar'

Huge crowds throng theatres for 'Avatar'

First day first show - Tickets sold out till Sunday

Huge crowds throng theatres for 'Avatar'

You probably would have received as much sensory stimulus in the tumult of the crowd of fans outside the theatres as you would have if you were among the lucky few who scored a ticket. Sample this scene: Despite setting ticket prices at Rs. 350, Inox Theatre is houseful till Sunday and Shankarnag Fame theatre on MG Road is similarly booked out.

The frenzy was due in part to the popularity of James Cameron of Titanic fame, as a film maker and of science fiction generally. There is also the novelty of the 3D format, which drew those who would not normally be interested in this genre.

"I am a die-hard James Cameron fan, so I'm watching it despite some reviews describing the plot as weak," said Christo, an employee of the entertainment industry.

The reception by critics varied however, with some emphasising the strength of the film's premise. This was what drew some more discerning viewers. "From what I gather from reviews, the film seems to contain some really interesting concepts. I expect it to be really interesting," said Purnima, a woman in her 20s waiting in the queue at the Fame.

And it was not only people in their twenties queueing for hours. The crowd included senior citizens, middle-aged housewives and six-year-old Ritwika clutching a toy version of her favourite character.

From observing those going into theatres, the marketing directors appear to have earned their bonuses. Judging from the enthusiastic raving from those coming out of the theatre, you could say the same for the film-maker.

"The robots moved so realistically. They moved like humans," gushed a group of teenagers outside the Fame . "It wasn't just 3D. They did something so we had a tactile experience as well. If there were fibres on the screen, we felt fibres against the skin. It was so cool."

Many rejoined the queue to watch the film again!