Today's letters

Today's letters

Pathetic and disgusting

The case of a nurse from a Mumbai hospital who was assaulted and raped several years ago and that to-day,her 'caregivers' have approached the Supreme Court to allow her to die is extremely pathetic and disgusting. It is unthinkable as to what levels human beings could go to harm other humans.
More shocking is the information, that the perpetrator of the crime is working in a Delhi hotel after serving a 7 years of imprisonment. Though, legally, the rape charges were not proved, nevertheless, it was this man (Sohanlal) who had assaulted the nurse who today is living like a 'vegetable' with no one to care for her.

Criminals like Sohanlal should be shunned by society. The Supreme Court should now entrust the responsisibility of looking after this poor nurse to the man who assaulted her and has done irreparable damage to her life. In India, we have several Women's Welfare Organizations. Such organizations should come forward to help this assault victim and also to ensure that the perpetrator of the crime does not 'live happily ever after'.




Functioning of  Courts

It is a tragedy that the courts are not placing adequate emphasis on prima facie evidences and technologies available.. The case of Karnataka CJ Mr. Dinakaran is one such case.

In Karnataka a serial killer was caught after 18 murders. In the first case he was released even though there was a prima facie case and he was not subjected to truth serum though it was a criminal case. Because of this laxity 18 women had to pay with their life.

The way Kasab case of day light mass murders is going on for more than a year, makes me sick. If the judge’s son is killed with only he as witness, does the case fail as he is an interested party?


B V Rao

 3rd main BCC Colony,

Vijayanagar, Bangalore – 560 040



Crocodile tears for the poor


Chief Minister BSY is shedding crocodile tears for the poor and is embroiled  deeply in politics to save his chair .The Akke Santhe organised at several places in Bangalore and elsewhere in the State  was hugely popular where people could buy rice and dhal at reasonable prices  when their rates were skyrocketing in the open market.The scheme has died a natural death after a meeting of Rice Mill owners with C.M during last week..There must be a quid pro quo for the sudden stoppage of the scheme.

The BJP government is alienating itself from the people by turning a blind eye to the plight of the common man and except the super rich ,every one is afftected  by 19% inflation in Food prices  compared to last year U;nless it sees the writing in the wall, its days as only BJP government in the South ,will be numbered as it has proved no different from other political  parties.

K Srinivasan



Drunken driving


This is with respect to the news item  titled "Diganth Caught for drunken driving" .


It is really shocking to see the revelation of the concerned police official that the film actor was let-off because he sensed some risk in booking a case on the actor. He refers to the actor as a big pupil!!. When a crime is committed by a citizen he/she should be punished irrespective of his social stature or money power. The law should be same for every citizen. It is really shameful to see such incidents where police personnel lets off the so called big people.


The celebrities who has a wide reach to the masses should be model citizens so that everybody emulates them in their daily life. It is definitely an unacceptable behaviour from the upcoming actor.





Douse 'separation' flames

This is with regard to the separation flames that has cause the integral divide in the state of Andhra Pradesh and spread in various parts of nation. Bapu's weapon -  satyagraha that has been used in a different connation to exert pressure on union government by the TRS chief has also ignited the fire and opened the Pandora’s cession box in the whole state and country. This has created a great embarrassing episode in the history of India which as well underestimated the struggle and sacrifice of our freedom fighters.

The past experiences of bifurcation of states have not yielded much benefit to the people rather it has increased the burden on the exchequer and insulated the people and place geographically. The creation of new state require proper planning and infrastructure to function in the interest of the common man rather it will became a hub for the collective politicians caucus like Madhu Koda and company who will be important beneficiary from such emergent enforced separated states.

India today - particularly,the young India -need education, employment and ethics which is more necessary than any territorial identification. It is for the central government to recognize the sensitivity of the problems and challenges of separating and creating a new state within a state. Caution is needed in accommodating everyone’s interest . The government has to come up with a sustainable solution for such territorial justification issue by promoting nationalism over regionalism and facilitating the development of the common man in growing India.

 We the people should realize that we all are citizens of one state, one nation which is called ‘India’. This binds us against any separatist forces.

Syed Khaja

Old Rajender Nagar
New Delhi-60
Dependable companion

When there is demand and supplies are not enough it is but natural to exploit and there was nothing wrong in Bajaj Motors, without a worthy competitor, exploiting in those days.

The present day generation  zoom in their high-speed  motor bikes.

One of my uncles was a patronized user of Vespa and then Bajaj since 1958 or so.  He used to travel on his scooter, even after his retirement, with his wife on the pillion miles and miles during 1960s and 70s from Bangalore.  For instance their longest distance made was from Bangalore to Kakinada in the east coast of Andhra Pradesh which is nearly 900 kilometers from Bangalore when the roads were in a different shape from the present status.
I followed his steps and very often I travelled to Chennai, Tirupathi, Vijayawada, Hyderabad and recently in 2007 I made a trip to Nagapattinam in Tamilnadu visiting various places in Thanjavur District.   I never felt any uneasiness or strain in the travel. I  never had any major break downs excepting,  a puncture here or there and the  stepney would come in handy.  It was a very dependable vehicle.

A couple of times I had gone with some one on a motor bike and it was also pleasant but both the times we met with punctures. 
All said and done I would be loosing a  good dependable companion traveller. Even though I am 70 years now, and my vehicle attained 15 years, I fee; strongly for  my two-wheeler companion.

N.V. Raghava Rao
Muneshwara Block
BangaloreE  560 026.


Small is beautiful


There is a general feeling that "small is beautiful".  Smaller states like Jharkhand, Uttaranchal and Chhattisgarh are carved out of bigger states for operational convenience and for the overall benefit of the general public.  These states have shown lot of development and growth after becoming independent states.
Telengana State is also on the anvil. At the same time, it is strange that Union government has started the consolidation process in the banking industry by merging Associate Banks like State Bank of Saurashtra and State Bank of Indore with the bigger player, State Bank of India.
Government in under the wrong notion that , by becoming big in balance sheet size, it can compete globally, forgetting that more bigger banks in the US have collapsed like nine pins in the recent past.  Precisely, this is the reason why all Bank unions are vehemently opposing such merger moves, keeping the interest of bank depositors and general public in mind.



I Main, 3rd Crass,

Maruti Extension,

BANGALORE 560 021.

  “Jaagte Raho” campaign


     Most of the common citizens are aware that country's governance has deteriorated due to many problems created by power greedy politicians.  This has resulted in alarming high cost of living, protection to corrupt and criminals instead of protecting honest tax paying citizens.  The situation has spread even to judiciary which makes common man think that he can not get justice sometimes. This situation may be due to many honest voters not participating in voting also.
Hence, Infosys Chairman and Chief Mentor, N R Narayana Murthy on Tuesday urged the people to go to the polling booths on election day and vote for the upcoming Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) elections by launching unique voters’ participation campaign “Jaagte Raho,”.


B S Ganesh,  

Basappa Layout, Hanumanthanagar
Bangalore 560 019


 Eagle eyes fail to spot the mole

 Apropos news report’ Headley worked as US agency informant for a decade ’(DH.16/12/2009,  International ).


The CIA usually recruits ‘moles’, trains them and uses as ‘double agents. While working for the US Drug Enforcement Administration Mr. David Headley perhaps double-crossed and joined the  LeT !. But how the CIA with its eagle eyes had failed to know about his double-dealing, turning as a full-pledged terrorist,   fooling them?.


The CIA having informed in advance ie. in Sept.2008  about the LeT-  planned terrorist attack in Mumbai and the FBI exposed Mr. David Headley’s link with the 26/11 carnage, the US should not   withhold any information which would hamper investigation in India.


Since many Jews were also killed in the Mumbai carnage and the Jewish lobby is very powerful in America, India should seek  Israel’s help,  which could pressure Washington to share complete information and extradite Mr. David  C Headley .


A.Seshagiri Rao
Korattur, Chennai-80 


 Phone woes

I am a resident of doddanekundi, marathalli post, Bangalore. Our BSNL landline 28531287, which comes under KR Puram exchange has been completely dead from 10th november. Due to this, our internet is also not working and we are facing problems. Even after giving repeated complaints, no one has attended to the problem which is really sad. So i kindly request you to publish this in your newspaper so that the authorities in charge will get to know about this problem and act immediately.
V.Meenakshi Sundaram
No 13 B, swathi illam.
NGR layout, near wasa layout
Doddanekundi, Marathalli post. Bangalore-560037 contact no-9901305964


 Focus on essentials

PM must focus on the daily price increase in the essential food sector and do something immediately.  The common man and the country is not interested in a separate statehood, global warming, Headley's double agency, Goa rape case or Liberhans report when he cannot afford the daily rice daal vegetables and wheat.


  Till today no one died fasting in this country for the political gains. Still they are given importance. People die of hunger and their plight is not attended to and answered. What a pity!.

4th cross, Mico Layout,


Right to education


      There is a provision in the Constitution of India under the relevant article which inter alia states that the Govt. has to adopt the right to free and compulsory education for children till they reach the age of 14 years starting from the age of six years till completion of elementary education,and has provided a huge sum of money to implement the prevention of drop out of school children under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan(SSA).
       The SSA is a centrally adopted scheme to prevent children from  dropping out of schools.
      It is the duty of the Govt. to implement this scheme in letter and spirit. to fulfil the objectives of bringing the drop out of school children by deputing the teachers by the managements of schools to convince the parents of drop outs to re-send them to school.  I have observed that some teachers have spent money from their pockets to visit some villages to convince the parents.

      As some villages do not having schools, it is the duty of the Govt. to set up schools.  Since the aim of the Govt. is to provide compulsory and free education up to 14 years under SSA,the measures of UPA led Govt. will definitely reduce illiteracy among children.
B S Raghavendra Rao,
Sterling Terraces,
BSK 3rd.Stage,