Corporates also consult astrologers for profitability

Corporates also consult astrologers for profitability

How really important is a name? Well, many may shrug off the significance of a name; but for some, the case may not be so. For instance, Rakesh Agarwala (name changed) was in a fix when his newly formed company was incurring huge losses in the wake of the economic recession, compelling him to seriously consider closing down the business.

But things started looking different after he sought advice from a corporate astrologer who suggested that he re-incorporate the company and within six months thereafter, the company was back in the black. Agarwala acknowledged, “I never believed in astrology. But, after this experience, before taking any step, I seek guidance  from my astrologer.”

Not only the lesser known firms, but even a popular company like 'Sugar & Spice' recently rechristened  itself to become  known as ‘Sugarr & Spice’. Meet Pradip Kumar Ghosh who assists businessmen turn over a new leaf by offering them astrological guidance. An Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) consultant by  profession, he strongly believes that the fortune of a company is often determined by planetary configurations and their terrestrial effects at a given point of time.

Says Ghosh, “The most important thing is the date and time of incorporation of a firm. This decides the  future and fortune of a company. If a company is doing well, that means, the time and date of its  incorporation is good” .

Loss-making companies can possibly be nursed back to  profitability by re-incorporation to pre-determine the date and time of its re-birth.

Claims Ghosh,  “And, believe me, it is applicable to all living beings also.” US-based Mathew Currie, who is a  practicioner of corporate astrology for decades, believes that corporations are also people. “There are few things in life more fun for me than to read the birth chart of a corporation. They follow more or less all the same rules as your chart and mine do, but experience has taught me corporations have a lot less free will than the average client,” according to Currie.

Dr  Sundhar Raja, a corporate astrologer says , the key to success of a company does not rest with the name alone. Its  logo  also plays a vital role as it symbolises the company's services, energy and growth. For continuous growth and profitability  the logo should convey the  company’s core service/ product with a compatible colour scheme.  
Dr Raja cites the case of the US company Enron which did not have a balanced logo and went bust. Similarly, the Global Trust Bank had a broken logo which contributed to  its collapse. According to him a logo has to create harmony with its internal and external stakeholders and should be geometrically proportionate for stability,          
Dr Raja shares that after changing the logo of UTI Sec Commodities Ltd its brand equity sky rocketed and Standard Chartered acquired  it.  

 According to Currie, Wal-Mart never has to go begging for money, but  lately  there are concerns over the company’s growth. “The effects of the September 11/07 eclipse on the Wal-Mart birth chart is pretty dramatic. And, since an eclipse tends to drag its influence out over time, it continues to have an effect,” he pointed out.

V K Choudhury, an astrologer based in New Delhi, feels that the use of corporate astrology is discreetly applied by high powered executies in the top management circles in their personal lives which includes their own personal birth chart analysis, birth chart analysis of important functionaries, environment analysis for future projections, problem diagnosis with the help of astro-vastu, naming of companies or products, launching advertisement compaigns, etc

“The principles remain more or less same as in the case of natal astrology and most people do make use of numerology besides  astrology,” Choudhury added.  Ghosh, who combines the best of natal astrology (astrology for people), numerology and vastu shastra, claims that his decades' of research could help companies chart out their path to profitability. “I have a few clients who had accomplished 100 per cent accurate results in this,” he added.

Ghosh believes that the success or failure of a business venture may well depend upon such imponderables like the date on which production commences, date of first billing, personal details of the chief executive etc,  

He opines that careful selection of dates for AGMs and EGMs, keeping the stars and planetary positions in mind, may help ward off uncomfortable questions from irate shareholders. “Just as in natal astrology, the fortunes of companies are determined by planetary configurations and their terrestrial effects at a given point of time,” he avers.   
Ghosh, who claims to have researched about corporate astrology since 1988, says that he could predict, with the help of ‘astrological tools’, problems that companies are likely to face in future. Detailed astrological analyses could also help in gathering information of companies’ current assets, current liabilities, turnover, profitability, expenditure, goodwill etc.

Details of companies’ existing positions, remedial measures that would be required, if any, and future prospects could be veered around with the help of astrological calculations and not mathematical calculations.

Ghosh says, “That is what makes me different from traditional management consultants. They apply their minds mathematically while I do so from the point of view of astrology” .
But why will any corporate house opt for astrological remedies when modern management methodologies, practices and techniques are available to all ? “Just as sick people visit temples after doctors have given up hope, sick companies will turn to me when they have no hope. And,once they are turned around,others  will take a cue and come to me,” Ghosh beams with confidence.