Take the spice route

Take the spice route

Take the spice route

What strikes you first at the ‘Biriyani Paradise’, the quiet little eatery on Kammanahalli Main Road, is the warmth of the staff. And there is always a stream of people walking in to the place.

The owner, Najeer, confesses that the only way to fight competition is by not compromising on the taste and delivering quick service. True to his belief, the taste of the food items here is one-of-a-kind. Reason — the ingredients are all ground afresh and nothing is bought from outside. The place is the favourite haunt of South Indians. 

But what sells here most is Thalassery Biryani. Najeer says that they have brought cooks from the Malabar region just to cook this exclusive dish. “Thalassery Biryani is cooked in a special way. The meat is first mixed with the masala and the rice is cooked separately. The rice is then layered over the meat and it is never mixed together,” explains Najeer.    

Appam and Kadala Curry, Puttu and Kadala, Kappa and Meen Curry, Idiappam, also called Nool Appam, are among the popular vegetarian dishes. 

The non-vegetarian spread includes chicken curry, fish curry in Kerala style and Kallumakai (mussels) which has its varieties and is always spiced with lots of coconut and curry leaves.
  The meals are not only popular with the residents living the vicinity but also with the office-goers, who find the meal that is priced at Rs 100 very reasonable. Najeer says that the joint is also popular for its Malabar biryani and chicken gravy.

“It’s the taste alone that has popularised the place. The spices are brought from Kerala. It is dried, cleaned and ground right here. This adds to the taste. The localites, who frequent our place, like most of the non-vegetarian dishes to be spicy,” Najeer adds. 

The regulars vouch for the taste of biryani and say the place serves clean and hygienic food. 

Shyam and Navya, who frequent the eatery, confess that the food is a lot like what they get back in their hometown. Navya is a vegetarian and Shyam says that he comes here only for the biryani. “The taste of food here is unlike that of other eateries. You know it when the masala is fresh and the oil used is good. It is never too spicy,” says Shyam. 

However, Navya says that she eats only vegetarian but has no complaints for the spread is just as good. The eatery is located at No 43, 1st floor, Swetha Complex, near Sathya Hospital, Kammanahalli Main Road.

For details, call 65650650.