A drain in the dumps

A drain in the dumps

A drain in the dumps

The secondary stormwater drain from Rajendranagar, which passes through the National Games Village (NGV) beside the Commercial Taxes Office (CTO), and joins the main stormwater drain near Builders’ NGV Club, is in an appalling condition.

The drain is filled with plastic covers and garbage from the CTO. This condition extends till the NGV gate near the Koramangala Indoor Stadium. Distinguishing between the drain and the garbage dump has become almost impossible. 

While the drain is choked with plastic bags thereby clogging it, cats, dogs and rats feed on the garbage and the cows are seen resting in the dump. Residents and people working in the area complain that the stench is unbearable. Despite repeated complaints, the powers that be haven’t bothered to look this side. 

BBMP Commissioner M Lakshminarayana says, “The drain has been cleaned and desilted several times but as soon as we clean it, the garbage is back. I would blame the people for the present situation. I think those living in the vicinity must cooperate with the BBMP in keeping the City clean.” He feels the tendency of people to throw waste at the nearest available empty space must stop. 

The BBMP has taken up the desilting work of about 63 drains in the City and this drain in Koramangala is a part of the project. Ananthswamy, chief engineer of BBMP in Koramangala, claims that the drain was cleaned last month.

“Unfortunately, when we inspect the drain the following month, we find that the plastic and garbage dump has returned. Each truck load of silt costs Rs 6,000 and we will definitely need more than two trucks at a time. We have been regularly cleaning this drain and other storm water drains in Koramangala  in a similar fashion,” he adds.  
 Ananthswamy further states that despite the fencing around the drain, the slum dwellers in the vicinity continue to throw garbage in the drain, “It is impossible to cover the drain. It has to remain open,” he adds. 

Every major project work in the City leaves behind a trail of problems. The scene is no different here. The business establishments in the vicinity, including petrol bunks, restaurants and mechanic shops, have incurred a loss as people don’t stop by because of the stench and the filth in the area.

Nisar, a shopkeeper says, “It is impossible to walk on this stretch because of the stench. My business has dipped by almost 50 per cent after the block began. The block in the storm water drain triggers a blockage in the underground pipes as well.” 

Aparna Dinesh, a teacher in a school in Koramangala, observes that this particular stretch where the drain is located has multiple problems. “The stench from the drain is unbearable during the morning school assembly. The drain seems to have always been in this condition.

Besides, the roads leading to the drain are always dug up to lay an underground pipe which slows down the traffic on this road. It is impossible to walk on the dug-up stretches during the peak hour,” says Aparna.

Raja, a student, concludes, “I stay just behind the drain and the drain is not a flowing one. It is impossible to sit in the house because of the stench. Repeated complaints to the BBMP have fallen on deaf ears.”

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