Tough luck: A scene from Jailed Abroad - Venezuela.Their worst nightmare!
National Geographic exposes the plight of two young British boys who were lured into something deadly that got them jailed in Venezuela. 19-year-old Jim and Paul desperately wanted to escape their dead-end jobs and gloomy existence in Leicester, England. But the adventure they craved soon turned into their worst nightmare.

One Thursday night in 1996, an old friend turned up at their nightclub and that would change their lives forever. Jim and Paul were hooked on to his stories of holidays abroad, cocktail parties and girls in bikinis. He offered Jim and Paul £8000 each and a four-star holiday with all the spending money they could want.

All they had to do was bring back a package from Venezuela. Little did they know what awaited them! Jailed Abroad- Venezuela airs at 10 pm on December 21.

In love with animals 
Watch a lineup of Discovery Channel’s finest shows on Best of Discovery. This programme, Into Alaska With Jeff Corwin takes viewers on a journey to the most westerly point in the US, a remote island called Attu. Wildlife expert Jeff Corwin’s trip sees him up close to humpback whales, arctic foxes and enormous bears.

Along the way Jeff visits the site of the biggest eruption for millennia, kayaks around the stunning island of Kodiak and takes on rapid filled rivers. Into Alaska With Jeff Corwin airs on December 21 at 6 pm.

Powerful battle
FOX History and Entertainment presents Deadliest Warriors: Viking vs Samurai on December 21 at 10 pm. The show is about the savage Scandinavian raider that plundered Europe for almost a thousand years, against the blinding speed and skill of Japan’s elite warrior class. It is power versus speed, axe against sword, berserk rage against precision, as these heavily armoured legends fight a battle of death.

Get caught in a deadly conflict
Lakeview Terrace airs at 9 pm on December 21 on HBO. Newly-wed inter-racial couple, Chris and Lisa Mattson, move into their California dream home. Before long, they become the target of their next-door neighbour, Abel Turner, who disapproves of their relationship.

In an effort to force them out of the neighbourhood, Abel, a Los Angeles police officer mercilessly harasses the Mattsons. When the pair decides to fight back, the conflict becomes deadly.

Grand Christmas celebrations
Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma, produced by Asit Kumar Modi, will be celebrating the festival of Christmas in a grandiose manner.

The serial again will be conveying a social message related to orphans. The cast and crew of the show will be celebrating Christmas with orphans by spending the day with them. Earlier too, the serial has celebrated various festivals giving out a social message. This time again, the whole cast and crew is very excited about this step.
Starring Disha Vakhani and Dilip Joshi, Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasma has always tried to find new ways to convey social issue messages to the audience.

So keep smiling and enjoy this Christmas with Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasma, every Monday to Thursday at 8.30 pm with a repeat telecast of 11 pm on SAB TV.