'Life has changed a lot'

'Life has changed a lot'

'Life has changed a lot'

Kailash Kher is known for his earthy voice. Currently part of ‘Pepsi MTV Indies’, he describes his stint with the series as an honour and privilege.

He has sung classical, indie, devotional, folk, sufi and Bollywood numbers in about 18 different languages. From performing at a railway station to going on international tours and even forming the much-loved Kailaasa band, he has come a long way.

The singer recently caught up with Metrolife to speak about his struggles and the success that followed!

“My musical journey has been an exciting one with many turning points. I wanted to learn classical music at a young age and left home in search of a good guru. I was barely a teenager then. So I had to face a lot of challenges and hardships. But I learnt a lot from the outside world,” he says.

Speaking of the number of opportunities available to the youngsters today, he says, “Life has changed a lot and so has people’s mindset. Their approach to art is different and there is no dearth of opportunities. The reality shows and singing competitions have opened up the platform for youngsters. This is a positive and intelligent endeavour as we see a lot of hidden talent being honed out.”

He also sees the effect of technology on music as a good thing. “Had Google not been there, a lot of our musicians would have run away to another country,” he notes.

A master of many forms of music, he feels that each has its root.
“Language is not a problem. If one sings from his heart and soul, every form of music is beautiful.”

Pressed for time, hard work has never been a substitute for him. He has a number of international tours lined up. He considers his surroundings and nature as his biggest inspirations. “The elements of nature can bring out the best in an artiste,” he says.  
Kailash is choosy and refuses songs whose lyrics don’t make sense to him.

He had also made news sometime back for a song he had written and gifted to Anna Hazare (and later, Arvind Kejriwal). But he clarifies that he has no political inclinations. “I am only inclined towards humanity,” he notes.

The illustrious artiste is lost for words when he is asked to describe what music and riyaaz mean to him. “Music and riyaaz cannot be defined. I am extremely fortunate to pursue my passion as profession. Singing gives me a high and people are paying me for it. Riyaaz mohabbat hota hai. (Practice is love),” he sums up.