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Last Updated 02 May 2017, 20:26 IST

Actor Chetan Chandra is at his happiest best. After an interesting project like ‘Jaathre’, the artiste is ready to take up ‘Mruthum’, a bilingual movie which will be made in Kannada and Telugu.

In an interview with Tini Sara Anien, Chetan sheds light on his latest project.

What is ‘Mruthum’ about?
It is a beautiful love story but with a thrilling twist. The movie will be shot in and around Kanakapura, and will be a good crowd-puller.

How did the project come to you?
Director Manjunath Krishna’s confidence in the script can entice anyone to the project. The script is very strong and I listen to every script as a viewer. The movie is different from whatever I have done till now.

You have a natural look in the film...
The get up for ‘Mruthum’ is similar to mine in ‘Huchudagaru’. The characterisation and the body language will be very different though. I play a youngster from a small town and the look will be true to the character.

What homework have you done for the character?
All the movies that I’m working on need me to have a good physique. Though I took a short break from my rigid workout schedule recently, I am working out intensely again. In ‘Malgudi Station’ and ‘Mruthum’, there are a lot of action sequences which will see me at my fittest best.
This movie will also take you to Tollywood...
The Telugu and Tamil film industry does have a larger audience and it can be challenging to be in these industries. But, I believe language isn’t a barrier. If people from other industries are acting in Kannada, so we can also work in other languages. The technicians and people from Telugu and Tamil industries treat people from Sandalwood really well, which is heart-warming.

What else is happening?
We have wrapped up ‘Samyuktha 2’. The first half of ‘Raja Thilaka’ is done and ‘Malgudi Station’ is also in process. I took a break in between as I got married a few days back. Now that I am free, I will resume shoot again.

How has life changed after marriage?
Life has changed a lot now. I have the companion of my dreams with me now. Rachana and I met a couple of years back and to have her beside me every day is the best I could ask for.

(Published 02 May 2017, 15:54 IST)

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