Going over the 'top'

Going over the 'top'

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Going over the 'top'

Tees or  layered camisoles, classic white shirts or cotton and silk tanks — every wardrobe needs a range of these mix and match garments simply labelled ‘Tops’. They are worn with jeans, skirts, formal trousers or under blazers,” say Susan Fernandes and Anu Nagappa, who have been designing these versatile garments for women of different ages at their studio for decades now.

“ The classic black racer tee which shows off a girls’ shoulders and arms is a must have staple. Wear it with low waist jeans, a snazzy belt and ballerina shoes during the day or under a tailored jacket with strappy heels for the night. One of this season’s big trends pairs a tailored look and bold patterns with Victorian-inspired feminine details such as frills and ruffles. Think a loose, frilled tunic in a masculine plaid, or a sexy wrap top in a bold black and white florals. In warmer weather, our white collection in cottons and Broderie Anglaise are a big hit while warmer tones like earthy browns, blacks and reds do well in this season,” says Susan.

 “Combine a camisole or wrap top with jeans or a straight miniskirt. V-necks are trendy teen clothing right now, along with smocked v-neck tops and Kimono shirts, in feminine  soft reds and pinks,” adds Anu.

“Texture contrasts are in, with cotton or knit shirts set off by satin trim. Black and white, black and gray, and black and pink are popular colour combinations. Brown and white or brown and pink works too. Bright floral patterns against a darker or duller background are in. A flowy version of the camisole is also popular while iconic tees printed with simple items such as stars, skulls and peace signs, without text and in one or two colours work well also,” they explain.

Ashna, a young student favours tank tops in strap styles and embellished versions such as safety pins, slogans and concert logos.

“My favourite is a solid pink tank top which looks  trendy and can be worn with a jacket, jeans or a short skirt. For a fun evening, I like to experiment with a neo-sporty style that plays with classic colours and designs,” she says.

“Long sweater tops with flowing silhouettes or soft feminine fabrics are more ‘in’ compared to fitted short tops. Tanks are always good to have in your wardrobe in different colours and textures while ethnic ‘kurtis’ with bead work or sequins add an interesting dimension to a wardrobe,” says Tara, a management student.

“For cheap and trendy fashions, the best places to scout are the underground plazas like Tibetan Plaza or Arihant, where you have little shops selling ‘imported’ stuff. Be prepared to bargain a little and don’t expect the garments to last too long. You do sometimes get good buys but remember you ultimately get what you pay for,” say youngsters.

Of course, one or two classic designer pieces like a beautifully cut black or white silk shirt for the evening teamed up with jewelled accessories or dramatic scarves will last you a long time and add versatility to your wardrobe,” advise the designer duo.
Jackie Pinto