'Every concert has a story'

'Every concert has a story'


'Every concert has a story'

RIGHT NOTES: Massimo Folliero. DH photo by Shiva Kumar B H

Dressed in a crisp white shirt and on his maiden visit to India, Massimo Folliero, the renowned Italian pianist was in the City recently to lend his flawless talent to an event here.

He started playing the piano at the tender age of eight. His parents were not musicians but had a great deal of interest in music, so they pushed him into learning the piano which has now become his passion.

When asked about what genre of music does he like to play, Massimo said,“I play only the classical style because I like it very much. It is challenging and soothing at the same time.” “My favourites are music created by Mozart and Chopin,” he added.

Massimo said that every piece he has played is an inspiration to him. There is no one song or one person who inspires him individually. “What I play depends on my mood at that time. My music is related to life and so what I play reflects on how I’m feeling at that moment,” he said.

He said that he feels a connect with his audience every time he plays the piano. “There is a feeling I get whenever I give a concert which makes me realise the reaction of the audience towards my music. Every concert has a story behind it and is a new experience. I like interacting with people and that is the reason I like giving concerts,” Massimo opined.

Composing music for movies is not on the cards as of now. Massimo plans to concentrate only on concerts at the moment because that is what he enjoys doing.
He might consider doing it later on. Speaking of Indian music, he said, “I haven’t heard much of Indian music but I heard the songs from Slumdog Millionaire and liked them very much. Indian music has so many beats in it.”

“I would love to go deeper into Indian music and to study it as well as collaborate with some artists here,” he added.