'I want to diversify as an actor'

'I want to diversify as an actor'


'I want to diversify as an actor'

UNDER-RATED: Chandra Chur Singh

He portrayed the handsome young man whose vulnerable face held a mirror to the angst of violence-torn Punjab. But in the same Maachis, when he grooved to the tune of Chappa Chappa, it appeared to be in perfect sync with the idyll of Pujnab. But after that Chandra Chur Singh virtually vanished from the big screen.

Chandra Chur Singh confesses that it has been a conscious decision to get choosy with the roles he does. “There’s no point doing an enormous amount of films and not getting enough job satisfaction from them,” he told Metrolife.

Chandra Chur believes that acting is a creative collaboration of the head and the heart. “It’s not all about money and profits. Today most film-makers attempt to break away from the stereotype movies. Each era of Hindi cinema is changing in its format, posing newer and more complicated challenges to an artist,” he observes and adds, “only those who are completely sure about their talent and sensibilities can translate into successful people.”

Chandra Chur Singh recently made a guest appearance in Maruti Meri Dost. He thinks films like Bheja Fry have broken the set format of cinema itself… the most recent Rocket Singh... seeks to portray the day-to-day visible sensibilities of people, in this case it’s a salesman who strives to don the right attitude.

Commenting about fantasy movies like Aladin and Harry Potter, Chandra Chur says that such films catch the imagination of the youth. “The young throng multiplexes today and they are the target audience for such movies. You can make any offbeat movie for a niche audience and it will click,” he reasons.

Acting never stops, Chandra Chur says. “You grow, learn, practice and master the craft of acting. I have no regrets because all the projects I have worked on have been extremely successful and have brought me much satisfaction. It’s just that I haven’t amassed films,” he says.

His experience of having worked with the best hands in the industry has enriched his knowledge and sharpened his acting skills. “I will wait for my time and themes that are worth my time and talent. I don’t want to do just about anything just to stay visible. I want to diversify as an actor,” he says.

He thinks most actors like Amitabh Bachchan have broken away from set moulds by doing roles like the one he did in Paa. They’re all exploring the actor within.
“Today people have begun to accept a hero with weaknesses. The notion that a hero knows no emotion and does no wrong has been broken down,” he says.

Talking about violence in films, Chandra Chur thinks suggestive violence has far more impact than violence that’s in-the-face. “There’s certain emotional undercurrent that such films awaken in you,” he observes.

He thinks that cinema, as a medium must convey a certain process thoughtfully and truthfully.