For a drink that you can eat

For a drink that you can eat

For a drink that you can eat

Big Straw is a one-of-a-kind bubble tea stores located on St Mark’s Road. The store is a playful and fun place to be in and offers a wide range of colourful drinks. What makes the drinks particularly fun is the addition of various ‘chewable’ into them, such as jellies,  tapioca, basil seeds, aloe vera, etc making them a ‘drink that you can eat’.

‘Bubble tea’ is a beverage concept that was invented in Taiwan in the 80s, and has, in recent times, gained huge popularity in Europe, North America and Australia. Traditionally made, it involves a cold milk tea (much like our desi chai) shaken till frothy, and with chewy tapioca pearls added in.

‘Big Straw’ was started by two close friends and avid travellers, Ashish and Vidya. “We give you a big straw with which you can sip the drink as well as the chewable that is in it, and therefore the name ‘Big Straw’ seemed just right,” says Ashish, the owner.

They were on a backpacking trip in South East Asia, and got hooked on to the tasty and addictive bubble teas in no time. It was such a perfect way to stave off hunger and thirst while on the move! Having taken sabbaticals from their corporate careers, they were excited by the prospect of taking the drink back home to Bangalore, where they were confident that savvy and adventurous Bangaloreans would embrace the drink as joyously as they did.

Bubble Tea shop menus are milk teas and iced teas. Big Straw has toyed around in their kitchens to come up with many innovative variations, such as fizzy drinks, smoothies, snow drinks and floats. In addition to tapioca pearl toppings which are cooked fresh twice daily, Big Straw has many other fun chewable to add that ‘bite’ factor to your drink, including low fat nata-de-coco and the healthful aloe vera.

“Ice teas are amazing here. We can order for a customised drink or choose one of theirs. It’s a nice place to hang out with friends over a drink,” says Ashwini, a regular customer.

Customer favourites are the juice filled ‘bombs’ which burst in your mouth in a sweet, surprising splash. “We have also introduced some yummy snacks to our menu, including the customer favourite Belgian Fries, which are served in paper cones, with different sauce toppings, such as ‘Green Goddess’, ‘Devil’s Mayo’,” says Ashish.

For times when Bangalore gets chilly, hot drinks are a great way to warm up and still enjoy a cosy outdoor atmosphere. The hot drinks menu, includeing Steaming Taro, Hot Chocolate, Cafe Latte, and Chai at Big Straw, is a perfect way to spend a rainy or winter’s day with your friends.

“Our focus is on the customer experience, which includes service, hygiene and best quality of ingredients is very high. We do not want to cut any corners in delivering a best-of-its-kind product to our customers, and keep them coming back. We put a lot of thought into what our customers want,” says Vidya.

 It is often mistakenly believed that the ‘bubbles’ in the bubble tea refer to the tapioca pearls (also known as boba), whereas in reality it refers to the bubbly milk foam that is characteristic of a well-shaken bubble tea. Big Straw is located on St Mark’s Road.

 “The primary goal is to get as many Bangaloreans as possible familiar with this
enjoyable and engaging drink. It is a taste that could very well change your life,”
says Vidya.