Manippady threatens to sue Umashree over wild charges

Manippady threatens to sue Umashree over wild charges

Former Karnataka State Minority Commission (KSMC) chairman Anwar Manippady on Friday attacked the Congress regime for ‘fabricating’ and making wild allegations against him in the missing girl’s case on account of his stinging report on the Wakf properties scam.

Minister for Women and Child Welfare, Umashree, had said there were allegations levelled against Manippady of having Salma, the girl missing since 2011, working at his home in Mangalore.

However, the minister had said the CID would be probing all allegations, including the death of an orphan girl and a missing girl.

“The minister is not fit to hold such a public position. The allegations levelled against me by her proves her culture and the environment in which she had grown up,” he said, assailing Umashree, and threatened to file a defamation case against her. The report of the special investigation team of the Women and Child Welfare Department, which was prepared on November 3, 2011, he said, had no details and did not implicate him in any way.

“While the death of Reshma, in that confidential report, is stated to be on August 2011, the girl died in October 2011 or 2012. Based on such a report, wherein factual errors are made, the minister is making allegations against me,” he alleged.

Will reveal truth

Welcoming the CID investigation, he said it will reveal the entire truth and added that the only Reshma, he knew, died in an orphanage run by the Wakf Board on Dickenson Road. 

He said following the death of the girl, 11 people were suspended in 2010-11 by him after conducting a raid on the orphanage.

Manippady said 11 officials were suspended for sending lewd messages to girls in the orphanage, misappropriation and carrying out illegal activities.

He said in 2013, a retired commercial tax officer Ismathullah Khan printed invitations which read “fun and frolic” at the orphanage. “This fun and frolic party was a rave party which was organised in that same orphanage,” he said.

Umashree, in a statement, said she did not name Manippady in her alleged statement made to newspapers about the case.

She said there was no political motive behind her actions. She said the case of the girl missing from the state women’s home was one which involved dereliction of duty on the part of department officers.

“I did not name anyone in my statement. I am not responsible for statements inferred by reporters and naming Anwar Manippady and Yousuf Parodi,” she said in the statement.