Influences from various notes

Influences from various notes

Influences from various notes

Music is such an integral part of Bangalore’s cultural movement that people feel it is the perfect platform for musicians of all genres. Many bands dream to perform in this environment. ‘Spud in the Box’, a Mumbai-based alternative rock band, is no less.

The band features six talented youngsters and has influences from various musical genres that they bring to the stage, creating a unique sound. Joshua Singh, the drummer of the band, said, “We draw our influences from James Blake, the ‘Foo Fighters’ and various alternative rock bands. Our gigs mostly consists of original scores. The six-piece band has a rich influence from various genres of music. This helps us not just in making the band look unique but in the style of music we bring onto the stage.”

He added, “We all have a mindset that looks for fresh style in music. We try to break the unprofessional and uncomfortable mark and challenge ourself to make it to a new level. We bring in various elements into our music since it’s an alternative band and the Indian touch is always there to the music.”

The band, which has opened for music greats such as Norah Jones and Raghu Dixit, prefers playing original tracks. Hartej Sawhey, the guitarist, said, “We have always strived to bring out originals and play fewer songs that are influenced from the radio. We want our unique angle to be heard. Most of our lyrics consists of a personal touch that connects with most of audiences. This is what we believe makes our band unique with well over many bands across the country.” 

He added, “There is clearly a competition in this field and the only way out is to bring in original music and connect with the audiences. We hope to do good with the knowledge of various genres we all have and progress as time passes.”

When asked about how it is performing in front of a Bangalore crowd, Rohan Rajadhakshya, keyboard player and vocalist said, “The crowd here is open-minded and has great taste and knowledge about music. We have been here before but it has been a while since we last played, so we have worked on a few special numbers and hope the crowd takes it positively.” He said that he wants the audience to appreciate their uniqueness because they have worked hard for it.

‘Spud in the Box’, which celebrates alternative rock in a unique way, will look to bring in new elements to their music through a variety of genres.