I questioned society, not religion, says Sara

I questioned society, not religion, says Sara

Writer feted at Raveendra Kalabhavan in Mangalore

I questioned society, not religion, says Sara

Noted litterateur Sara Aboobakker being felicitated at ‘Sarabhinandana’programme in Mangalore on Sunday. DH photo

“I never wrote against religion. I never violated its commandments too. But I questioned those people who misuse religion to exploit the womenfolk,” she said.

She was speaking after being honoured at ‘Sarabhinandana’ - a public felicitation programme in recognition to her total contribution to literature and women empowerment at Raveendra Kalabhavan here on Sunday.

Sara said she was not encouraged from the society including media when she wanted to expose the problems being faced by women in the pretext of religion, but gradually she got a great support from the like-minded people.

“When some fundamentalists tried to assault me at a function in Puttur about 25 years ago, the entire Karnataka came in support of me. People organised rallies and protests condemning the incident, while noted writers consoled me personally,” the litterateur recalled.

Sara said she has started writing her autobiography.

In his presidential address, visiting faculty at the University of Wurzburg in Germany Prof B A Vivek Rai said the region has caused the beginning of a new era with the contributions of Sara Aboobakker to the literary world.

Stating that Sara proved an inspiration in his life, Rai said he would have remained mere a professor if he had not witnessed the Puttur incident.

“In all her writings, Sara has tried to convey that how religion should be pro-societal. The contemporary society should go ahead with her ideals,” he observed.

He said the coastal districts are basically known for religious tolerance, but the present state is only due to the plots of some vested political interests.

Tears rolled down from the eyes of theatre personality B Jayashree as she delivered a felicitation address. “I’m just emotional. I can’t put my feelings in words. Amma (Sara) is great; she is as composed as river Chandragiri. But I don’t understand why the society did not treat her equal with the rest of the writers,” she said in a choking voice.

Writer D K Chowta released ‘Chandragiri’, a felicitation volume of Sara Aboobakker. The felicitation committee working president Dr M Mohan Alva and secretary Dr Sabiha were present.