off the record

off the record

More punctual than required!

It has been a common knowledge that BJP ministers and MPs are trying hard to imbibe Modi’s style of work punctuality etc.  Their efforts have reached a scale that, in fact, displays  some kind of scare and even senior leaders are its victim.

Last Tuesday, a senior MP of the party reached Central Hall of Parliament early in the morning to attend the meeting of Parliamentary Party at the scheduled time and found none except him was around. Later he learnt that there was not meeting  because of  Eid.

The senior leader from Chhattisgarh repeated the same thing next day  too  thinking  that meeting might have rescheduled for the next day, but unfortunately that day too there was no meeting! “I was extra conscious to maintain punctuality.  I am not alone, others are also doing the same thing ,” the leader accepted the fact  with a big smile.
Anil Sinha, New Delhi

Migration certificate

A day after the BJP leader Vijay Goel said that people migrating from Bihar and UP were responsible for much of the Delhi’s problem, former Chief Minister Nitish Kumar came out of his self-imposed exile and blasted Goel for his unwarranted utterances.

“Delhi is not the ‘riyasat’ (fiefdom) of a particular party or a particular leader. It’s the capital of India where any Indian can go and settle there to eke out a living. The top BJP leadership should pull up such divisive elements within their party so that no other leader speaks a language which would threaten the unity and integrity of the country,” Nitish blasted Goel in no uncertain terms.

Nitish also came out in support of the UPSC candidates who have been protesting against CSAT and said the Centre should ensure that future of the civil services aspirants was not ruined.

Abhay Kumar, Patna

Red light saga

After winning her maiden election, actor turned Member of Parliament (MP) from Chandigarh Kirron Kher it seems now wants to feel special as a parliamentarian. Perhaps, that is why the newly elected MP put up a formal request before the administration of the Union Territory in Chandigarh to provide a red beacon atop her car. Kher also sought other privileges as an MP. 

But the demand for the red beacon was out rightly rejected. That’s because under the new rules that have been formulated, only a few listed designations are entitled for a red light on the vehicle. The guidelines, as submitted before the Punjab and Haryana High Court in Chandigarh, do not provide for a red light for an MP. Kher will have to do without one on her car. But she’s now hoping the other privileges that she sought will be provided to her.

Gautam Dheer, Chandigarh

Footwear woes

Corridors of power can be confusing. A Lok Sabha member learnt it the hard way last week. As the Lok Sabha was immersed in Question Hour, discussing issues related to finance, a chamber attendant and the MP were busy searching for the footwear of the elected representative.

The MP in question had walked into the semi-circle shaped Lower House and occupied the seventh row. He had removed his footwear and later stepped out into the lobby barefoot. When he re-entered the chamber, he did so through another door and occupied the seventh row, albeit in a different block.

 The MP realised that the footwear which he had pushed under his bench was missing. A chamber attendant was summoned to search the footwear but in vain. The MP kept looking around sheepishly and soon realised that he had walked in through the wrong door. Relief was writ large on his face when he occupied his original seat and found the footwear at the place he had kept it.

Sagar Kulkarni, New Delhi