Now, howlers galore in class 10 English book

Now, howlers galore in class 10 English book

The newly printed second language English textbook for class 10 under the State syllabus has been found to have a number of errors.   

For example, a line from page 56 (task 1) reads: “…He takes a left turn and walks unit he reaches a circle… Some 20 meters from here, he reaches K R circle. The circle, he takes a right and takes a left turn at he next cross, walks up to chinnaswamy Stadium which is 200 meters away from here.”

A line on page one of the textbook has similar mistakes. It reads, “Now read the following to know how child become a hero over a night.” 

There are, in fact, 70 to 80 errors in the 208-page English textbook. A number of them are repetitions of words and passages, while others relate to missing letters.  


An entire paragraph of four lines on page 163 (para 8) under the chapter ‘Science and Hope of Survival’ is repeated on Page 164. Similarly, on page 31, two words are repeated in the same sentence: “Some incidents relating to Roma Talreja some incidents are given below…”
   Pages 38, 195 and 196 have several spelling errors. For example, Jawaharlal has become ‘Jawaharla’, several has become ‘severl’ and result has become ‘resultin’ (page 195, para 7, 9 and 10 respectively). 

“It is an irony that an English textbook which will serve as the basis for imparting learning in the language is filled with so many errors. Such error-ridden textbooks will do more harm to students and teachers, mainly in rural areas, as they may not be able to point them out at all,” said an English educator at a school in Bangalore, on condition of anonymity.    
      Poor quality images

The textbook contains a number of pictorial exercises. However, these pictures are either too small or hazy which makes them almost unrecognisable, according to the English educator. On page 161, students have been asked to do an exercise where they have to write about the profession they want to pursue when they grow up, by identifying the pictures given, of doctors, engineers, etc. A total of 13 pictures have been given.

Bad picture

“The picture of a soldier in this section is almost unrecognisable. If the caption for the picture was not given, students would not at all be able to recognise it. There should have been more space devoted to this section with better printing quality,” said the educator. Pages 36, 37 and 112 are also said to have images of poor quality.

 When contacted, G Mudambaditya, Coordinator, Curriculum Revision and Textbook Preparation, Karnataka Textbook Society, acknowledged the presence of these errors in the textbook and said that they would be rectified soon. 

“While the people who are involved in the preparation of these textbooks have been in the field for more than 30 years, we had to depend on DTP firms or typing centres that have no experts. We had corrected many of the mistakes, but they were not saved on the computer by people at the DPT centres. Therefore, they were printed as it is, with the errors,” he said. Mudambaditya said a corrigendum would be issued soon.