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People's Problems /

Traffic jam every day

There is a 20-minute traffic jam near the tin factory and KR Puram railway station bus stops due to haphazard parking of BMTC and private buses during peak hours. The situation worsens with a number of pedestrians crossing the busy road every day. If the bus stops can be shifted a little further, then it can reduce the traffic to a large extent and also regulate the halting of vehicles near a temple, located near the tin factory. 


Garbage menace at Kengeri
Garbage is being dumped in the open drain in ward no 198, Kengeri, attracting rats, dogs and breeding mosquitoes. Though we have complained to the officials concerned several times, no action has been taken so far. Open drain needs to be covered and garbage litterers should be fined. 
Manjunath Shivaram, K S Town

Lurking danger in Jayanagar

This is supposed to be the switch for streetlights located in Jayanagar. 

A person, without his uniform or identification, comes on his cycle every morning and evening to hook or unhook it to switch ‘on’ and ‘off’ the streetlights. 

This switch or hook is exposed and not protected. This is within the easy reach of children and can prove a danger for them. 

Dr K M Srinivasa Gowda,Jayanagar 
Underpass requires repair works
The laying of the second line and expansion of the Kodigehalli railway station has been going on since more than a year. There is also a proposal for the construction of an underpass.

Passenger trains coming from the city railway station and the Yeshwanthpur railway station, that pass through Yelahanka, stop here. 

Debris comprising jelly, sand, size stones, broken tiles, etc, are strewn around between the platform and the cement walls erected there, at the end of the day’s work. A couple of the pits are also uncovered. 

Lack of lights on the platform, compounded with heavy rainfall, make it difficult for the travellers to move around. 

Bedathur Sankar, Virupakshapura

Display bus timings

Commuters in Shikaripalya are unaware of the bus routes and timings to various destinations like Shivaji Nagar, Kempe Gowda bus terminus and City Market. The BMTC is requested to construct a bus shelter and display a timetable of the various buses that ply in the area.It should also operate more buses between Shivaji Nagar and Shikaripalya. 

Nazir Ahmed, Shikariplaya
Streetlights ‘on’ during day time

There are two streetlights in front of Ganesha Temple, 9th Cross, 4th Block, BEL Layout, Vidyaranyapura, which are lit through the day and are switched off during the night. Several complaints in the last one week have failed to any yield results.   K R Murthy

Introduce bus services

Residents of Yelahanka old town have to walk nearly two km to the nearest bus stop to reach various destinations. 

We request the BMTC to introduce bus trips between Kammakshamma Layout and Yelahanka old town to other major hubs like the KR Market. 

Karthik Kumar D K, Yelahanka Old Town 

Ban trucks on service road

Buses and heavily-loaded trucks are prohibited on the Service Road connecting Electronics City from Begur Road and Singasandra. Inspite of the prohibition, a number of lorries use the narrow stretch leading to traffic jams during peak hours. 

Kiran M, Begur Road

Crater trouble in Byatarayanapura

A huge crater formed in front of the Canara Bank near Gali Anjaneya Temple in Byatarayanapura is resulting in traffic snarls for vehicles coming from Vijayanagar and Nayandahalli-side since a long time. Thousands of vehicles passing through the stretch every day are facing a lot of problems. It is unfortunate to note that neither the BBMP nor the Bytarayanapura traffic police have taken any action to fill the crater.  

Nanjundaswamy N

Widen roads for smooth traffic

It is high time the road connecting Mekhri Circle to BDA Junction is widened. Every day its takes minimum 30 minutes for the commuters to travel from Mekhri Circle to BDA junction, resulting in the wastage of time and fuel. Similarly, the commuters spend nearly an hour to travel from Jayamahal to the TV tower signal. The situation turns worse when it rains. The commuters spend nearly 30 minutes to travel from the BDA Junction to Sanjaynagar Junction in the evening hours. These roads should be widened.

Rajendran, Devinagar 

Bus stop at traffic signal posing danger

The BMTC bus stops at the corner of a major traffic signal at Big Bazaar near Satya Sai Hospital in Whitefield. As several people alight and board the buses, traffic jam has become a daily scenario. This is also creating inconvenience for the commuters. Several private buses that ply on the route also follow suit.  The BMTC authorities should discuss and matter and solve the problem.

Akhila Karthik, Bangalore