Jealous man throws woman into river

Jealous man throws woman into river

He did not like her talking to other boys

 She was young and loved talking to people and making friends on social media not knowing that her ‘frankness’ could become fatal one day.

People strolling on the huge platform of the Ganga Barrage in Uttar Pradesh’s industrial town of Kanpur on Saturday afternoon, were shocked to see a man lifting a woman and throwing her into the river.

The man, identified as Ravi Chaurasia, tried to flee from the spot but was captured by the evening walkers and handed over to the police after being thrashed. 

The body of the woman, identified as Ruby Sonekar, Ravi’s wife, was later fished out of the barrage by the divers.

Ravi, according to the police, had married Ruby around two years back after a brief affair, although he already had a wife and a six-year-old child. 

Ravi’s first wife had been living with her parents after his second marriage.

On social site

During the interrogation by the cops, Ravi said that Ruby used to chat with other boys on Facebook and on her cell phone. 

“She would chat for hours together and was always on either her cell phone or on Facebook,” Ravi told the cops.

“I had warned her many times...I asked her to mend her ways as I disliked it but she never paid any attention to my warnings,” he said. 

“Ruby often threatened 

that she would leave me and marry someone else,” Ravi claimed.

An angry Ravi then hatched a conspiracy to eliminate Ruby. According to the plan, he brought her to the Ganga Barrage on the pretext of taking a walk there.

Eye witnesses said that the couple had a heated exchange there after which Ravi snatched Ruby’s cell phone and threw it into the river saying that it was “at the root of the problem”.

“Ruby then threatened to jump into the river and commit suicide,” he said“Don’t take the trouble...I shall throw you in the river instead,” Ravi told his wife and did what he said.