A tryst with the star

A tryst with the star

A tryst with the star

A special screening of Salman Khan’s new movie ‘Kick’ was held recently in the City at Inox, Garuda Mall. The screening was a part of the ‘Being Human’ campaign by Thumbs Up called Veer. Its main objective was to spread entertainment and help the hearing impaired children enjoy a fulfilling, cinematic experience.

About 17 hearing-impaired children from the organisation, Enable India, came to watch the movie. The movie had subtitles and there were two sign language interpretors helping them out.

The children enjoyed the movie as they kept clapping at all the action-packed scenes and were awestruck by the stunts pulled off by its lead actor Salman Khan.

The interpretors also recollected the first part of the movie for them during the interval.
Rahul (name changed), one of the boys who had come to watch the film, in sign language, said that the movie was exciting as it involved a lot of action, mystery and thrill.

Enable India works to train people with disabilities and provide an employment to them in different fields. Veer, that was initiated earlier this year, mainly works to unleash the inner potential of children and helps provide skill-based training to people with disabilities so that they can be employed in the mainstream society.

This campaign is a pan-India initiative. It has already been held at several cities like Noida and Mumbai with the help of American India Foundation (AIF) to ensure that children with disabilities can pursue meaningful careers.

It aims to address challenges like inclusive education and employment, skill training and development, and promote disabled-friendly technology.