'I can't hold a grudge'

'I can't hold a grudge'

Kriti Kharbanda is known to be one of the most pleasant actresses to work with in Sandalwood.

How she keeps her cool and stays humble has often baffled many. But she says that she is actually a short-tempered person and it is the people around her, who have been good to her and helped her stay calm.

“It all depends on the company I have. It’s the simple logic of ‘want respect, give respect’. I have met people who believe otherwise. But I have mostly worked with nice people,” says Kriti.

She says that she doesn’t regret losing her cool because there is some reason behind it. “If people have said good things about me, it’s because they have been good to me. Luckily for me, my last few films have been amazing experiences,” says Kriti.

“For instance, when I worked with superstar Upendra in Super Ranga, he wouldn’t hesitate to compliment me when I was looking good or when my expressions were good for a scene. The same goes for Shivarajkumar sir, who is fabulous to work with. I remember the first day I worked with him, he said I was like a seasoned actor,” she notes.

Kriti says she had no problem working on projects like Tirupathi Express and Belli as she was working with some great crew members. “You are bound to get stressed if the people around you stress you out. But I have been lucky to have worked with people who brought out the best in me,” says Kriti.

She also says that her personal life helps her stay composed. “My friends and family have always encouraged me to ignore things that I’m not happy with. I’ve also got friends who tell me that I’ve been instinctive sometimes and too quick to react,” says Kriti adding, “Thus I have been told that I should show people that I’m okay even if I am dealing with an unpleasant situation.”

Recalling one of the incidents, Kriti says, “I remember once on sets, a member of the production team met with an accident. I consider him as my brother and even call him ‘anna’. I asked him for something and he snapped at me in front of the entire crew. I was very hurt and refused to resume shooting until he apologised. He came to me, gave an explanation and apologised. But later on, I felt that it was silly on my part to be upset too,” she narrates. Kriti adds that she went and apologised to this person the same day too.

She says that there have been times when she has said things that she didn’t mean to.
“I’m a short-tempered person. But, I can’t hold a grudge against anyone. I have to solve the situation as soon as possible as I won’t be able to sleep peacefully otherwise,” she says. Kriti confesses that she has learnt to stay calm and keep to herself when she is angry.

“I just walk away from the situation for a while. Ten minutes later, I would have forgotten why I was angry. I get angry fast and cool down fast too,” she wraps up.

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