Centre plans solar energy park in State

Centre plans solar energy park in State

As part of its plans to increase solar energy production, the Centre is setting up a solar energy park in Karnataka which will be operational by 2019.  

The Centre has plans to set up five energy parks in the country with capacity ranging between 500-100 mw. Of the 25 parks planned, the first five parks will be coming up in drier areas of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Ladakh region in Jammu and Kashmir.

 In the first phase, five solar energy parks will be coming up in 2015-16 which includes one in Karnataka. Eight more will be developed in the year 2016-17. Seven parks will be added in 2017-18. 

Planning Commission Joint Advisor (Energy) Rajnath Ram said that the ministry of non conventional energy has a target to generate 20 giga watt of solar energy (20,000 mw) by year 2017. 

Briefing reporters, on the sidelines of the workshop ‘Energy Secure Outlook to India: IESS 2047,’ he said, our capacity is 1,800 mw.