Bailed 'rapist' threatens his victim

Bailed 'rapist' threatens his victim

A rape victim has accused ‘Casanova cheat’ Sunny Walia of repeatedly trying to threaten her into withdrawing the case filed in 2013.

The woman lives in south Delhi’s Vasant Vihar with her minor daughter and gets security from Delhi Police from 8 am to 8 pm.

The accused, Sunny Walia alias Sumit Walia, is also a resident of Vasant Vihar and has been arrested several times in the past for involvement in the racket of selling stolen imported cars to affluent people.

He faked import papers to evade customs duty. At present, the 29-year-old is out on bail.

The woman had filed a case against Sunny under sections 376 (rape), 406 (criminal breach of trust) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code with Vasant Vihar police station last year.

She now claims to have been receiving threatening phone calls from Sunny, his relatives and accomplices.

The victim told police that her driver Gaurav Chauhan, a resident of Vasant village, has also stolen documents relating to the case, which were kept in her car. Gaurav has not been regularly reporting for duty since the theft, due to which she fears that he may also have been leaking her whereabouts to Sunny.

“Sunny Walia has been keeping a track of me and my daughter ever since I had employed Gaurav Chauhan. He had been leaking all my information to Sunny Walia,” the victim stated in her complaint to police.

After the theft of the court papers, the woman’s security guard Amit Punia found Gaurav consuming alcohol with friends in a house in the neighbourhood. It is alleged that when Amit asked Gaurav about the documents, he beat up Amit and fled from the area.

“Gaurav has been taking money from Sunny Walia and his father and has been giving them all my information and my daughter’s too,” the woman added.

A college dropout, Sunny went to United Kingdom in 2003 and worked in London for about two years. He returned to India in 2005, and joined his father’s business of luxury cars in west Delhi. Later, he shifted base to south Delhi for better clientage.

Most of the luxury cars, ranging between Rs 1 crore to Rs 14 crore, are imported with the help of Sunny’s contacts in United Kingdom and Ireland.

Some cars were also stolen from countries like Japan and Singapore. Sunny used Dubai as a route to bring the cars to India.