Designs for the future

Designs for the future

Designs for the future

The big day for actress and director Roopa Iyer and music director Gowtham Srivatsa is only a few hours away.

The couple say that the moment that they have been waiting for the last four years has finally arrived. They are tying the knot in the wee hours of August 6.

Stepping into this new phase is definitely exciting and has left spells of anxiety as well, say Roopa and Gowtham.

The couple and their families have swung into celebration mode and Roopa, the bride, is running around to make sure every moment of the run to the wedding is something to remember not only for the couple but for everybody who attends it.

‘Metrolife’ got a peek into the ‘mehendi’ ceremony of the couple which was a fun-filled affair.

“Gowtham’s name is somewhere all mixed up in the ‘mehendi’. It’s not that easy to find it but he would have to find the letters of his name and put it together. That’s
the trick,” Roopa tells ‘Metrolife.’

She was dressed in a beautiful pink ‘lehenga’ exclusively designed and created by Roopa herself, “I bought the material and then worked on it. The brocade work took a long time but I wanted the ‘lehenga’ for my mehendi to be bright and attractive,” she says. Gowtham chose to wear an off white short ‘kurta’ with denims.
The ‘mehendi’ was a close-knit affair with family and a few close friends.

“We both work in the film industry, so any event connected to us will have all the pomp and colour. The wedding will be a colour coordinated affair. The family members will be dressed in peacock blue when receiving the groom, red is the colour for the wedding and yellow is for the reception. I’ve also got the men in the family to wear ‘dhoti’. When women can dress up, why can’t they?” she asks.

Roopa says that she’s fortunate to have found someone like Gowtham. “He’s very patient and that’s what I like most about him,” she adds. Gowtham says both of them don’t mix up their personal and professional life.

“When it comes to work we focus on it and when we’re taking a break, we try not to talk about work as much as we can,” he notes.

He confesses that Roopa is a family-oriented person. “My mother is very fond of Roopa and we don’t feel like we’re having a stranger enter our house. I am sure she will take care of the family. We all live in a joint family and I am trying to keep that concept alive,” he shares.

He also notes that their wavelength match pretty well.  “We’re both very spiritual and traditional people yet open to modern thinking,” he shares. The wedding reception will be held in the City on August 10.