'Awakening unplugs us from a programmed life'

'Awakening unplugs us from a programmed life'

Sidra Jafri, motivational speaker, working in London, does not believe in calling herself a life coach instead an ‘Awakening Facilitator’.

 “My role is to give you tools to make changes in your life by overcoming the roadblocks on your way,” says Jafri who conducted a workshop for emerging entrepreneurs on self awakening in the City recently.

It is Sidra’s first visit to the City. Therefore, the workshop was the only priority for her.

“I come to India, but I am visiting Delhi for the first time,” says Jafri.
In her workshop, the speaker focused on inner strengths and passion. According to her whatever problems we face have a connection with our past.

“Many people have fear of public speaking. The problem is associated with that point of a person’s life where he was scolded publicly or was made an object of mockery. There lies the original cause of the problem,” says Jafri in her British accent.
At a deeper level, she says, “We as a society only look at the symptoms of any problem but we hardly try to reach the core of the problem.”

And she believes, we can find the solution to our problems through awakening.  “Awakening unplugs us from a programmed life which starts from our schooling proceeds towards our job, marriage, having kids, then retirement and finally death. We have to think beyond this and find the cause for our survival,” says Jafri.

Even as she talks about awakening, she mentions about the four bodies present in each one of us.

“Awakening has to be at four levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Physically, you have to respect your body. Mentally, you need to take life very positively. Likewise, emotions should not be considered negative. Each emotion is like energy flowing through the body. Finally, spiritually, we have to realise our Dharma, we are born with a purpose which has to be recognised and fulfilled,” she says.

For Jafri, these thoughts are not merely words which can ease a person for a limited time. “I also experienced the worst in life. I have also faced relationship problems, unsuccessful marriage and suicidal tendency. Everything was shattered. But people around me helped me to get back to normal,” she says. Interestingly, she has spent £45,000 to understand and learn what she has been preaching now.

“After having done 5,000 case studies, I have realised that the problem is similar, the only difference is people and circumstances. It is like same stuff in different packaging,” she adds.