An artist's quest for sublimity

An artist's quest for sublimity

In an exhibition, ‘Sublimity – A  painter’s quest’, that gives expression to his strong thoughts and perspective, artist Niren Sen Gupta has beautifully conveyed the idea of nar, nari and Natraj through his compositions.

An artist who uses strong, bright colours, Sen Gupta’s paintings are thought-provoking. He also uses black ink pens along with vibrant colours to define his compositions.

Born in Bengal in an affluent and artistic family, young Gupta imbibed the artistic bent of mind from his mother. Her teachings and her importance in Gupta’s life can comes through in the way he portrays women in his works. The black ink paintings of women’s faces and figures also reflects the romantic streak in him.

Gupta told Metrolife, “The subjects in the exhibition are varied and are treated differently. The exhibition also highlights my 40 years of journey so far. In some of my paintings I have used black and white and colourful figures of women, and have also tried to showcase the idea of shringar for a woman.”

“In the black and white ink figurines, the play of light is done with the shades of grey. And in some other paintings the treatment is different. I have focused more on the eyes, which themselves say a lot of things. I have also shown figures that are child-like, warm-hearted and innocent. So, the feeling of love in the paintings is conveyed through the use of colour placements and patterns,” says the artist.

The ‘princess’ series of Sen Gupta, in addition to the above features, has motifs from the world of birds, animals, flora and fauna. The series also represents the artist’s transition to a youthful trance.

Attractive colours, decoration of ladies in company of horses and men are compositions that are part of this interesting series. In some of his artwork, he has also tried to showcase Indian godsand mythology.

The exhibition is on till August 7 at Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre from 11 am to 8 pm.