BJP to oppose any move by Telangana govt on Muslim reservation

BJP to oppose any move by Telangana govt on Muslim reservation

BJP to oppose any move by Telangana govt on Muslim reservation

BJP will oppose any move by the Telangana government to provide 12 per cent reservation to Muslims as had been promised by the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), led by K Chandrasekhar Rao, in its election manifesto, BJP state unit chief G Kishan Reddy said here today.

"BJP is against providing reservation on religion basis and would not accept communal reservations. Moreover, this is a move of appeasing Muslims rather than a welfare activity," Telangana state unit BJP president G Kishan Reddy said here while addressing a meeting.

He alleged that TRS government was not fulfilling its electoral promises and creating unnecessary hurdles in welfare schemes.

"Last year's pending reimbursement of fees to students is still not cleared. Now, the issue of nativity of students is being raked up. It is very difficult to prove the nativity and it would cause huge loss to Telangana students," he said.

Reddy said Telangana government should work towards realisation of its electoral promises.

"BJP will not tolerate injustice to any eligible student in Telangana," he added. He was reacting to the decision of the Telangana government last month to fix 1956 as the cut-off year to determine the nativity of Telangana students.

According to the decision, only students whose families were natives of Telangana prior to 1956 will be eligible to avail fee reimbursement and scholarships for professional courses from this year.

On poor power supply in the newly-formed state, Reddy said, "Is this the Telangana state we had dreamt in which farmers are beaten up by police in lathi charge. The government should realise the situation and make necessary arrangements to ensure uninterrupted power supply to farm sector for at least six hours," he added.