Wearing an attitude

Wearing an attitude

Neeharika Madhusudan

A second-year BA (psychology) student from Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women, Neeharika was wearing a white top from Biba, leggings and shoes from Bata. She picked up her rings at Cauvery Emporium.

I chose this outfit because it is ethnic yet trendy. Fashion is all about comfort for me and it should suit your body type. But sometimes, I change my clothes according to the weather and mood. And I also pick up styles from movies although I choose only what suits me the best.

Darshan Kuldeep

This BBM graduate from PESIT, was wearing a shirt from Levi’s and jeans from MegaMart. She paired it up with Nike shoes.

Fashion is all about sensitivity and how you carry yourself which is why I prefer light-coloured shirts and clothes to dark ones. Light-coloured clothes are pleasing to the eye and as a management student, the first impression matters a lot to me.

If you wear dark clothes, people would be able to identify you from a kilometre away which is very irritating. I tell people to dress to kill! You must impress others, attract them and please them. But in the end, it should make you feel awesome.

Maitri Vasudev

This MA English student from St Joseph’s College of Arts and Science wore a green short top from Reliance Trends and white trousers from Shoppers Stop. Her bag was from Commercial Street and she also sported Hush Puppy shoes from Mantri Mall.

The pants were on sale and comfortable white jeans are so rare to find! I bought the top because I’m in a sleeveless phase right now and thought it looked good. Fashion for me is not about what’s in vogue but whatever I feel good in at that point of time.

Right now, it’s sleeveless! Although I usually wear sober colours, I don’t hesitate to pick out the occasional bright clothes that I feel suit me. I’d tell people to wear whatever they are comfortable in — you will be able to pull it off because you are comfortable in it.