'My character should leave an impression'

'My character should leave an impression'

'My character should leave an impression'

Sakshi Agarwal has made a name for herself in the industry. She is clear about what she wants and also one of those who believes in quality more than quantity.

“I always went after what is right and was ambitious right from my school days,” she says. Speaking of her journey in the industry, she adds, “I sign a movie only after reading the script. The character I play should reach out to the audience. It should leave an impression on them and I feel that is the most important.”

Sakshi has finished working on her latest Tamil projects — Yoogan, which is a thriller and a film opposite comic actor Senthil. Both are set to release sometime soon.

She is also working in the Kannada flick Software Ganda in which she plays the role of an employee in a software firm. The movie revolves around the world of IT, she informs.

Learning Kannada was a challenge, says Sakshi. “So I went for Kannada classes. The co-actors appreciated my effort in learning the language and giving a good performance. This was a good thing to hear. Now all I wish is for the audience’s response and hope that the future is positive for me. I am looking forward to seeing how well the audience can connect with it.”

Sakshi considers both modelling and acting equally important and challenging and respects the fact that modelling helped her started her career. “I come from an engineering background.

I was asked to model for a few events that my friends hosted and from there on, I was contacted for modelling professionally. That’s how films came about. I started from the word go. The journey wasn’t smooth sailing and so I have learnt from my experience in life that we have to earn everything step by step.”

Sakshi also had a successful career in an IT firm of the City when she decided to stop and follow her dreams. She says that she is proud she made this choice considering the success she has had in the industry.