The powerhouse of nutrition

The powerhouse of nutrition

Nuts have long been feared as the enemy of weight loss due to their high calorie count. But now, people are finally waking up to the benefits of these glorious little wonders and realising that eating nuts does not make them fat.

In fact quite the opposite. Indeed, nuts have endless health benefits, ranging from improved heart health to glowing skin.

Nuts are also a great provider of instant energy and by supplying the body with natural energy boosters, one can easily replenish their lost energy reserves. So the next time you’re in a post lunch or mid-afternoon hunger, try munching on some nuts!

Aashita Relan, director Royal China, Nehru Place, said, “Nuts have different nutrition values and offer various health benefits too. We can eat nuts which are rich in calcium and also offer protein boost. We can incorporate cashew nut in Chinese dishes like Kong pao chicken, prawns hot bean, chicken with cashew nut etc.

Cashew nuts are used in these food items to give instant energy as these nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fats, satura-ted fats, plamitic acid, copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, etc.”
Ankush Bhatia, head chef of Raro Bakery, Defence Colony, says, “There are many reasons why we should eat nuts every day.

Nuts reduce the heart attack risk and lower bad cholesterol as well. Also, almonds help build bones and teeth. They provide healthy fats and help in weight loss and lower the chances of suffering from blood sugar. One can use almond flour with crushed nuts to make desserts.”

There are various dishes that can be made from nuts – fresh fruit gateau with fresh seasonal fruits and almond flakes, chocolate bouche, which is a rich chocolate dessert with crushed nuts, hazelnut milk chocolate, almond dark chocolate, fruit and nut dark chocolate, classic opera, an almond sponge layered with coffee and chocolate, date and walnut tea cake, which is a moist tea cake, for health conscious people and caramalised walnut pie.

Dr Chirag Sethi, founder, Battle of Bulges and lifestyle consultant at American Council, said, “Almond is the best for instant energy boost because 29 almonds just have 160 calories! Almonds also have protein and are high in fibre too, which helps in digestion. Raisins can also give instant energy and are good for those who are working out daily. One can also have peanut butter along with white bread.”