'Trying to change my TV image through films'

'Trying to change my TV image through films'

His boy-next-door looks and endearing smile have earned him a huge female fan following but TV actor Jay Bhanushali says he is desperately trying for an image makeover by doing films which will show him
in a different light.

The 29-year-old actor made his Bollywood debut with erotic thriller Hate Story 2, which was a clear departure from the roles he has so far portra-yed on TV shows. His upcoming film Desi Kattey is about guns and gangsters.

“I want to change my image. I don’t want to play a cute guy in films. The audience has seen me in that role in my shows on TV. But I am making a conscious decision to stay away from such roles in films,” Bhanushali told PTI.

“Why will people pay Rs 300 and watch me do the same thing again? I want to do something different. I want my work to have a shock value in a good way,” he added. In the Anand Kumar- directed action drama Desi Kattey, Bhanushali will play the role of Gyani, a small time worker in a hand-made pistol factory, who eventually represents India at the Olympics as a shooter.

In order to fit the role, the actor says he honed his shooting skills with a coach besides working on his body and over all look.

“I trained with a shooting coach in order to get the basic posture and knowledge about guns. Also, I did not shave for months and kept growing my beard because I wanted to sport a rugged, mature look.
“When I started shooting, I weighed 82 kgs and so I lost eight kgs in order to look like
a boy who is impoverished. And for the second half I worked out to get a more
muscular body like a sportsman,” he said.

Desi Kattey also stars Suniel Shetty, Akhil Kapur, Sasha Agha, Ashutosh Rana and will hit theatres on September 12, just two months after his debut film Hate Story 2.

The actor says he is lucky to have films releasing back-to-back in the very first year
of his debut. “Never in my wildest dream I thought that I would be doing two films in a year. It is a huge feat for me. Hate Story 2 did a decent business of Rs 27 crores, the result was good keeping in mind its budget,” he said.

Bhanushali is currently shooting for Leela with Sunny Leone and the film will release next year.