We've to respect guidelines: Dhoni

We've to respect guidelines: Dhoni

We've to respect guidelines: Dhoni

Stressing the need to have strong characters in the game of cricket, Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni said that it should be ensured that the accepted guidelines were not crossed.

“Strong characters are needed in the game. What needs to be done is for umpires to step in when the individual crosses the line. What matters is that they stay within the guidelines and that’s important for the game and spectators,” said Dhoni on Wednesday ahead of the fourth Test against England here.

“The world has changed. There’s a lot of emphasis is put on winning games, killer instinct etc. But it has been misinterpreted a lot. The kind of competition and pressure that we face today, sometimes we tend to neglect if an individual crosses the line occasionally. But if someone is consistent with his abuse he should be punished,” he noted.  

Dhoni was persistent in his view that the episode between Ravindra Jadeja and James Anderson should come to its full legal circle. And was he disappointed that the verdict went against India?

The Jharkhand man stressed that he had no regrets. “It was a physical contact (by Anderson). There have been quite a few harsh words spoken but we didn’t report that. If something wrong is happening, I will go against it irrespective of who’s doing it. If one of my players gets fined and if he’s within the boundary I would definitely defend him.

“If he crosses that line, he will go to officials alone and face the consequences. We need to think what really is the spirit of the game. One of our coaches said that whatever you don’t want your children to watch on TV that is against the spirit of the game,” said Dhoni.

Despite pressing for a Level 3 offence against Anderson, Dhoni said there was no need to rein in the English pacer while ensuring that he didn’t step over the line.

“There’s no need to control Anderson. There’s a vast difference between the way he played the first Test, and the last couple of Test matches. He only needs to be controlled if something wrong is happening. You don’t want everyone to be that one kind of individuals who bring character to the side. Everybody is different in their own way. But there are certain guidelines need to be followed and as long as they are following that it is okay.”

Dhoni also laughed off the suggestion – largely from the English press – that Lewis’ verdict on the case was a personal setback for him.

“We brought forward something we thought was unacceptable. It is not in my jurisdiction to punish or award penalties. What we thought was bad for the game we brought it forward.”