He got site twice, but only on paper

He got site twice, but only on paper

He got site twice, but only on paper

 The woes of Arkavathy Layout allottees seem to be never ending. Take M K Ashok. A 59-year-old engineering professional, his site was denotified twice. 

However, despite being owner of a site on paper, he continues to pay taxes. Allotted 40x60 site in 2006, and having waited three years to get possession, he approached the High Court, only to learn that all similar cases have been clubbed and they are before the Supreme Court.  

A year on, with no redress in sight, he sought to file a contempt petition against the BDA, only to be told it’s too late for that. With BDA refusing to entertain his request for a written reply, he approached the High Court in January 2013 and in February was assured by the court that in four weeks a registered plot would be given to him. 

But, much to his dismay, he had to accede to the BDA’s submission that since the given plot was not available, he would have to accept another. 

“I agreed, registered my property, got khata certificate and started paying taxes. While making preparations for construction, in March 2014, I got intimation from the BDA stating that my site has fallen into the redo case and has been returned to the landlord.” 

Told to cough up Rs 100 as processing fee for an alternative site, he was informed the new site would be registered and rectification deed prepared. Though he has met with all formalities by July 21, his wait continues. Woebegone, now the layout has fallen into denotification row. As a result, on paper, “My site is in Hennur and I am paying taxes for it, though I have nothing on ground.”

Having already availed a bank loan of Rs 4.56 lakh to make full down payment to the BDA, Ashok, who will soon turn 60, says it will be difficult for him to get bank loan for house construction. He currently stays in a rented accommodation.

BDA Commissioner T Sham Bhat said, “Those whose sites are registered and taken over in redo cases will be given sites within September 15, 2014. Those whose sites are not registered but acquired will be given alternate sites within two months.” He clarified that there’s no need to pay taxes till an alternative site is in hand.