B'lore SIs get lessons on cyber crime

B'lore SIs get lessons on cyber crime

 Police personnel should gain knowledge about cyber forensics and keep pace with rapid advancement in technology, said Bangalore Police Commissioner M N Reddi.

He was speaking at the launch of the “Cyber Crime First Responder’’ training programme for the sub-inspectors in the City on Thursday. 

The two-day programme, conducted by HDFC Bank, focussed on enhancing the knowledge of cyber crime and it’s nuances among sub-inspectors. 

They will also be trained to tackle various cyber-related economic offences.

Reddi added that those involved in cyber crime are highly knowledgeable and difficult to trace.

People should make sure that they do not get carried away when they get mails claiming that they have won rewards or cash prizes, he said.

Vishal Salvi, Chief Information Security Officer, HDFC Bank, said: “Our aim is to improve banking security for customers.

 The training programme will teach police ways to approach offences related to cyber crimes. Also, various case studies will be explained to them so that they get a clear understanding.”

Speaking on the training programme , a senior police officer said: “One of the biggest challenges faced in this domain is tracking down miscreants.

Most  officers lack awareness when it comes to cyber crimes. Unlike other crimes such as murders and rapes, cyber crimes mostly go unreported.”