Rly to provide airline-like services in elite trains

Rly to provide airline-like services in elite trains

Rly to provide airline-like services in elite trains

Passengers travelling by elite trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duranto would have facilities comparable with air travel with newspapers, a welcome drink and regional cuisines of their choice brought to them on trolleys. 

Indian railways is all set to launch the new catering regime from August 13 and a circular with guidelines on menu, charges and other related information has been sent to all its zonal managers. Zones  have also been asked to print attractive menu to be presented before the passengers. 

“To ensure a visible improvement in catering services, the hygienically packaged meals should be loaded on trains and be served on trains through trolleys. The licensee is encouraged to gradually provide personalized services and supply of meals through meal trolleys to all passengers travelling by Rajdahni/Shatabdi/Duranto exp. Trains,” the circular said. 

“The service in the coaches may be made through trolleys including three  tier coaches. CCMs (Chief Commercial Managers) must approve the design on the pattern of airlines,” it said.  

“In order to give value addition to the passengers of different regions, four region wise menus (Northern, Eastern, Western and Southern) are to be introduced as suggested. Amongst the options, the same item/variety will not be served on the same day,  on the same train journey and in consecutive meals,” the circular added. 

IT said zonal railways may have the option of serving pre-packed (ready to eat) meals of reputed brands (lunch/dinner) on optional basis, keeping the cost within the fixed apportionment for the service. 

“Regional cuisine for different directions of trains, like extra rice is to be served in place of Roti/Paratha in Eastern & Southern regions in the lunch/dinner. Preferably, plain roti /chapati should be served in the main course of lunch/dinner,” the circular said. 

“Newspaper and Rail Neer packaged drinking water bottles along with disposable cup are to be served to the passengers on board Shatabdi/Rajdhani/Duronto Express trains on complimentary basis and it will not be a part of apportionment cost for catering on board,” it suggested.

The changes are the result of a Railway Board appointed committee revisiting the existing menus and tariff based on suggestions and observations from the zonal railways and IRCTC.