Have the cake and eat it too..

Have the cake and eat it too..

Have the cake and eat it too!

Arati Chauduri, a woman with a passion for culinary art, has trodden on a long and tireless journey, from baking for family and friends to starting her own successful weekend baking classes and workshops.

She began taking orders from her family, friends and neighbours, under the brand name that was chosen by her daughter, ‘Sprinkles and Swirls’. Passed down like a family inheritance, Arati acquired the talent and passion for baking from her mother.

Despite having no specific formal training in baking, she makes mouth-watering pastries, sponge cakes, black forest gateau and chocolate truffle cakes.

“I used to bake cakes for my daughter’s birthday parties when she was in school and soon started taking orders from her friends’ parents and other people to bake for different occasions like wedding celebrations, birthdays and festive occasions. Before I knew, requests started pouring in and I decided to start my own venture,” she says.

The other delights include red velvet cupcakes and dark chocolate cakes with creamy frostings. Her desserts also include peanut butter tarts and mini pavlovas with whipped cream and fresh fruits. Despite taking a few classes on decoration techniques in Singapore and Canada, Arati believes that formal classes are merely a starting point.

 “Baking is an art. Classes just give an insight into certain techniques but how one develops on their skill is entirely upto them. One of the most important aspects while baking is to look out carefully for measurements and precision of technique and also take care of the presentation,” she says. 

She considers her mother and daughter as her biggest inspirations. “Baking mostly comes by trial and error. One shouldn’t lose heart if it doesn’t come out the right way the first time. I’ve always wanted my classes to be interactive. I don’t want people to be intimidated and I’m glad it’s turning out that way.”

What’s even better is that you even get to take the cakes back to your family after baking them! Her classes take place at her house at 27, 8th main, 5th cross, Jakkasandra block, Koramangala.

Contact her on sprinklesandswirls.blr@gmail.com