The Oriental flavour

The Oriental flavour

The Oriental flavour

Located on Indiranagar’s 80ft Road, The Fatty Bao is a quaint little eatery located on the third floor, just above the well-known ‘Monkey Bar’.

It rests unassumingly in the corner with a gorgeous view of the City’s leftover greens. Asian motifs fill the colourful gastro-bar which is known to whip up some of the best Asian food in the City. Still in its infancy, The Fatty Bao is already packed with families and youngsters who come to enjoy the unique flavours.   ­

Chef Manu Chandra, who is one of the partners at the eatery, says that the time of Italian cuisine is coming to an end and people are taking to Asian food more these days. He says whether it’s Chinese, Japanese or Vietnamese, people are moving past the ‘chowmein’ phase.

“We have our own brand of Asian food — ‘Chindian’. My trips to Sarojini Market in Delhi weren’t complete without a bowl of ‘chowmein’ with carrots and cabbage and some ghastly noodles tossed up with lots of vinegar. It was so good, that big bowl of steaming noodles but the perception of Asian food has evolved so much now,” he says. “It’s not heavy, not cheese and carb driven and there’s that ‘oomph’ in the flavour,” he added.

According to him, it’s the old school format that makes every restaurant have ‘Chinese’ on the menu. “It is the please-all format. The idea is, the more you provide and variety you have, the better.”

The ‘bao’ or a steamed bun is their speciality. While the traditional ‘Char Siu boa’ is completely wrapped, Manu has modified that by opening them up. He says this way the ingredients stay fresh. The Fatty Bao is also known for its ramen, dumplings and pork items.

“‘Har Gow’ dumplings are made from wheat starch, which are harder to wrap. And the ‘Gyoza’ dumplings are pan-seared.” If families are planning to take their young ones to a night out, think again. Manu understands that children can be noisy but says that shouldn’t disturb the sanctity of the other diners.

Walk in to The Fatty Bao for a lovely lunch or even a evening drink and get ready to have your palates explode with joy! For details, call 9611147777.