Get your own happy feet

Get your own happy feet

Get your own happy feet

The foot is one area where germs accumulate, more so during the rainy season. Most people tend to wear flip-flops during monsoons, geared to battle the slushy mud pools that come with them.

True, it is good to keep the feet exposed to the air, as much as possible, during monsoons. But open footwear attracts dirt. A fungal problem called ‘Athlete’s Foot’ develops more easily during humid weather, because the infection thrives on soggy skin.

Therefore, foot hygiene becomes all the more important when the heavens pour down.

Quick tips

Pay special attention to your feet, while bathing.  After washing them well, dry them thoroughly and apply talcum powder. If you wear closed shoes, sprinkle some talcum powder inside the shoes.
Once you are back home, soak your feet in cold water, to which some salt has been added, for 10-15 minutes.Get weekly pedicures to prevent fungal infections. Avoid socks and wear open slippers. Keep the feet as dry as possible.

Foot spa at home

You could do an at-home pedicure of sorts, but it is easier when somebody else is providing the massage. Either way, you will need the following: a small tub to soak the feet in, towels, scrub, foot soak, foot lotion, foot rinse, and massage oil. Of course, you could buy ready-made
ingredients. But if you prefer DIY projects, here’s how you do it.

To make foot soak

In one-fourth bucket of warm water, add half cup of coarse salt and 10 drops of lemon, or orange essential oil. If you cannot get essential oil, use half cup of lemon or orange juice. If your feet tend to sweat a lot, use a few drops of tea tree oil, as it has germicidal properties. It helps deal with bad odour as well. Soak your feet in it for 10-15 minutes.  

To make scrub

Get either almond meal, oatmeal or wheat bran, or a mix of all three, add dry ground orange and lemon peels, or coarse salt, or granulated sugar. Orange and lemon peels should be dried thoroughly in the sun and kept in a tightly closed container separately. Almond meal can also be made and stored in a dry container.

Yoghurt, milk or oils can be added to such ingredients. You can use any vegetable oil that is available at home, like sunflower, or safflower oil, sesame seed oil, or olive oil. Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl, as required, and scrub your feet gently for 10-15 minutes.

To make massage oil

Take 100 ml olive oil and add 2 drops eucalyptus oil, 2 drops rosemary oil and 3 drops khus or rose oil. Mix together and keep in airtight glass jar. Use a little of this for foot massage. It cools and protects the skin.  

To make foot rinse

Add rose water, lemon juice and a splash of eau de cologne in cold water and soak feet in it for 15-20 minutes. It cools, cleans and removes odour. Later, wash it off with plain water and pat dry using a towel.

To make foot lotion

Mix together 3 tablespoons of rose water, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon pure glycerine. Apply on feet and leave it on for 10 minutes, then wash off with plain water.

Here’s another way to make your feet happy:

Fill the tub with hot water and add rose water to it, or a few drops of rose or
lavender essential oil.

Add coarse salt to the water and some pure almond oil. You can also add some rose petals and petals of other flowers to create the spa feeling.

Soak the feet in the water for 15 minutes.

Mix the scrub ingredients and apply them on the feet. Rub it gently in circular movements, for 10-15 minutes and wash it off.

Then give the feet a massage with oil or cream. Wipe off excess cream with a moist towel.
Mix one tablespoon honey with 50 ml rose water. Apply it on the feet; lie down and relax for half an hour; then, wash it off with plain water.

(The writer is a beauty expert)