Meerut gang-rape survivor was not forcefully converted

Meerut gang-rape survivor was not forcefully converted

Meerut gang-rape survivor was not forcefully converted

Changing their stance, Uttar Pradesh the Police on Friday claimed that the Meerut gang-rape survivor was not “forcibly converted” but was “lured” into conversion.

Meerut police chief Onkar Singh told reporters that no evidence had so far come to light to point towards “forced conversion”.

A Home Department spokesman here said the gang-rape survivor, who had become pregnant, was admitted to a hospital in Meerut for delivery as “wife of Kalim”.

The police’s claim is in direct contrast with the survivor’s version that she was “forced to covert” and kept at a religious school in Muzaffarnagar.

Earlier, the police had said that the survivor, whose economic condition was not good, had been offered “good salary” and other facilities if she converted. Meerut Deputy Inspector General of Police K Satyanarayana had said that a religious head had taken advantage of her poverty and lured her to convert.

Sources, however, said the affidavit purportedly containing the statement of the survivor that she was “converting  voluntarily” did not bear her signature. She has severe complications and was admitted to a hospital in Meerut, according to the reports.

The investigation into the incident has been handed over to a woman officer. A circle officer has been entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring the investigation, sources said.

The police have not yet been able to arrest the main accused, Sanaullah. They said manhunt has been launched to nab him. A village chief and a woman are among the other main accused in the case. 

The survivor had allegedly told her parents that there were many other girls being abused in the religious school at Muzaffarnagar where she was held.