Now, MPs' aides to get free passes at airports

Now, MPs' aides to get free passes at airports

At a time when MPs are already facing criticism for insisting on privileges at airports, the lawmakers have now gone one step forward and ensured that one of their personal assistants gets hassle-free access to airport facilities.

The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has agreed to issue Airport Entry passes to one personal assistant or secretary of an MP at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport in New Delhi and an airport near or in the MP's constituency.

The move comes following a recommendation from a Parliamentary Committee.  At present, the MPs are issued airport entry passes that ensures their smooth entry, but the aides travelling with him have to go through the regular procedure.

MPs will have to inform the authorities about the chosen personal staff who should be given the security pass. The Lok Sabha Secretariat will assist the MPs in getting the passes.

The privileges and courtesies provided to MPs at present include priority in confirmation of seats, ensuring that they are not offloaded, allocation of seats of choice, priority handling of baggage, usage of lounges, assistance in boarding and disembarking, and prior information about delays and cancellations.

They are also entitled to free parking and free access to terminal buildings and visitors' galleries, besides being served tea, coffee and water free.